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Community Center
Free clothes and food for mothers in need

A donor, who believes in the mission of the Bethel Foundation, has donated 1000 square fee of space to use as a community center.  Bethel has expanded the office space to include the community center in the office. 

In May 2008, Bethel set up a store for Single Mothers to come and get clothing and food for their families at NO COST.  Hours of operation are Mondays 11am to 4pm. Tuesday thru Thursday from 10am to 3pm, allowing allowing single mothers to come during their lunch hour or after work. 

The community center will provide emergency assistance with non-perishable food items, and also prove new or gently used clothing.  Single mothers will be required to bring a picture i.d., social security numbers for everyone in home, proof of income, and complete necessary paperwork.   Donated clothing may come from corporate retail donations or personal gifts to the closet.

Bethel Foundation - Single Mother support, help us build our new building!

The Community Center will both be a center of inspiration, hope and giving back to moms and their children.

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