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Capital Campaign
35 Cents a Day will Proved a Safe Home for Battered Women and Children

Ryan - Contact our nonprofit organization in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to help single mothers obtain temporary housing, employment training, and mentoring services.

Ryan is asking for your help.

To develop the CAMILLUS HEALING HOME which will serve as a crisis and transistional home for abused women with children to go to for a place of safety. They will received Faith, Hope and Love at this retreat center. The Faith will come knowing that someone cares about them to provide a temporary housing facility for them. While at the Camillus Healing Home, they will receive mentoring to give them Hope realizing there is a way to get out of the situation they are in before it cost them their life and the welfare of their children by an abusive spouse or boyfriend.  While at the retreat center they will get LOTS OF LOVE.  This Facility will provide "Seeds Of Faith", "Works of Love", and "Harvest of Hope."

Mason Jars are being distributed for family, friends, Business, Churches or anyone that would like to become a Bethel Foundation"Angels For Moms".

Corporate Sponsors Needed:  Do you want to give back to a community that has given to you.  What better way than to make a corporate donation and have a wing named after your organization, or a Chapel, or Family Room, or Dinning Hall in your HONOR!  Leave a Legacy for many years to come.

For each Mason Jar that is completely filled by placing 35 Cents A Day into the jar and brought to Bethel Foundation  that person or organization will then have
the option of listing a loved one by placing their name on our "ENTRY PLAQUE" into the Retreat Center.

IN HONOR OF:______________________________________________or
IN MEMORY OF______________________________________________

 ABUSE can Happen To Anyone, Anywhere

  • A woman is beaten every 9 seconds.
  • BATTERING accounts for 25% of female suicide attempts and 4,000 homicides annually.
  • Oklahoma is in the top 10 Nationally for Abused Women
  • Oklahoma is in the top 4 Nationally for Abused Children

Help us reach our goal of $350 Thousand Dollars.

If you would like to make a DONATION by Credit Card click below or contact us for more information.