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2010 Kids Rock Camp


A clown to do some great balloon figures.  June 2010

Face painting for the children. June 2010

Each child was able to decorate and wear their own "chef" hat.  June 2010

Western Hills Children's Ministry came out and got the kids up and being activie. June 2010

Every child gets to help with the preparation of the food for the day!  At the end of each day, each child takes home a bag of that days groceries.  June 2010

Who can put the food in the correct order first?  June 2010

Games with the food pyrmid makes learning fun.  June 2010

The kids and the Kids Rock Camp enjoyed a visit from a local Firestation and learned about fire safety. June 2010

Jeff Grodon and Stephanie Sims from FOX 25 news weather report came out to talk to the kids. June 2010

The kids enjoyed working on arts and crafts. June 2010