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Bethel Foundation


Blessing  Mothers

(Jan. thru March 2011)

Wyleah Cubit received a sweater, 3 dishes, fruit hanger, kleenex, 2 deodorant, 4 books,  4 blouses, skirt, 2 girls shorts, bottle opener, clock, clorox, 6 boys shorts, 2 tops, 2 t shirts, 3 tank tops, boys shoes, cork screw, shopping cart, ice cream scoop, 4 shirts, 1 outfit, 6 juice glasses, 2 goblets, spatula, silverware for 4, steak knife, hangers, race car, spoon rest, scissors, and some flip flops on 4/4/11.

Kimberly Butler received 12 prs pants, 10 skirts, dishtowels, 2 jackets, twin/queen sheets, 2 pillows, 7 blouses, 1 shirt, a dress, and some jeans on 4/5/11.

Dadra Jones received a baby blanket, queen sheets, clorox, kleenex, deodorant, shorts, 3 tops, 2 dresses, 7 onesies, papoose, and some food on 4/4/11.

Dwaynette Satchell received kleenex, clorox, deodorant, 4 tops, shorts, socks, 2 ladies tops, notions, and some food on 4/4/11.

Harvey Smith received some clorox, kleenex, 2 shirts, 2 pr jeans and some food on 3/31/11.

Regina Sadler received a slide, clorox, deodorant, notions, bathset, shower curtain/liner/hooks, 10pr shoes, 5 ladies tops, 2 kids pants, 3 kids shirts, belt, 2 stuffed animals, silverware w tray, kitchen utensils, 2 glasses, 2 lunch sets, and some food on 3/31/11.

Shauna Young received some clorox, deodorant, 5 kids shirts, 5 girls dresses, 2 pr girls shoes, 2 pr slacks, 2 prs ladies dress shoes, notions, 4 girls shorts, 5 maternity tops, and some food on 3/31/11.

Titania Russell received some diapers, kleenex, clorox, toys, 2 pr shoes, 3 dresses, 2 pants, some notions and some food on 3/31/11. 

Brandi Dodson received 5 books, some clorox, kleenex, notions, top, sandals, 3 bowls, tiger, a ladybug, and some food on 3/30/11.

Sherry Yarbrough received 13 men's shirts, 3 prs mens shoes, 2 pots, 2 jeans, 4 kitchen utensils, 4 kitchen containers, back brace, kleenex, clorox, deodorant, camera, inject cartridge, can opener, pillows, heat pad, 2 trash cans, bed pad, sheets, puzzles, and some food on 3/30/11.

Tracy Myers received 4 shirts, pr overalls, clorox, kleenex, and some food on 3/30/11.

Stephanie Oxley received some clorox, kleenex, book and some food on 3/30/11.

Carmen Rios received some clorox, kleenex, 5 tops, 2 pc suit and some food on 3/30/11.

Ana Munoz received some clorox, kleenex, shoes, jacket, a skirt, a dress, 3 tops, and some food on 3/30/11.

Diana Capol received some clorox, kleenex, notions, 4 onesies and some food on 3/30/11.

Nicolasa Rojo received clorox, kleenex, notions, toys, t shirt, 3 prs pants, wind breaker and some food on 3/30/11.

Sandra Govan received some food on 3/30/11.

Mildred Dodd received 3 shirts, clorox, kleenex, and some food on 3/30/11.

Jacqunette Jordan received 2 tank tops, 2 T shirts, clorox, kleenex, notions, and some food on 3/30/11.

Permelia Jackson received dress, tops, 3 prs pants, a bra/panties, 2 pr socks, clorox, kleenex, and some food on 3/30/11.

Lori Haley received 2 prs shoes, 2 tops, small shirt, 2 jeans, notions, kleenex, clorox, and some food on 3/30/11.

Channel Manuel received some kleenex, clorox, notions, 2 ladies tops, 7 mens shirts, a dress, 5 womens pants, 3 mens pants, women's shoes, scrubs and some food on 3/29/11.

Lisa Bradford received some kleenex, notions, and food on 3/29/11.

LaDonna Stafford received 3 crowns, shoes, clorox, kleenex, skirt, 3 tops, pants, monthly guide, jeans shorts, girls top, purse, 2 jackets, shoes, 2 blouses, dress, 3 glasses, bowl, pan, and some food on3/29/11. 

Sheila Agoro received some sandals, a picture frame, shirt, 2 prs pants, and some food on 3/29/11.

Brandi Zarate received 5 shirts, 3 pants, 1 jacket, some spoons, and some food on 3/29/11.

Bertha Degrate received some tissues,deodorant, 5 skirts, notions, magazine rack, 2 waste baskets, purse, 2 angels, a clock, backbrace, skillet, 4 bras, some panties, and some food on 3/29/11.

Rita Gardner received 10 placemats, 4 trays, 3 pj bottoms, a dress, a blouse, 2 tops, magazine rack, 3 trash cans, 6 food containers, knick knack box, cheese holder, 2 baskets, carpet brush, leather jacket, 2 bras, socks, underwear, and some food on 3/29/11.

Darlene LaPage received 5 shirts, service for 6 dishes/silverware, a puzzle, and some food on 3/29/11.

Carrie Bowden received some boys pjs, 4 pr boys shorts, girls pjs, 3 boys shirts, 4 girls shirts, a strainer, pr boys pants, clorox, kleenex, and some food on 3/28/11.

Liz Massey received food and books on 3/28/11. 

Caleeta Dowling received some silverware, 2 ice cube trays, black pants, hair color, clorox, tissues, deodorant, feminine products, and some food on 3/28/11.

Tina Whitney received some dishes, shelf liner, bowl, knives, silverware, can opener, measuring cup/spoons, curtain hooks, ladies skirt, clorox, kleenex, deodorant, maalox, plunger, toilet brush, brooms, and a coffee pot on 3/28/11.

Savannah Davis received pr baby shoes, 3 pr booties, pr baby gloves, 4 ladies blouses, 5 kids shirts, 2 ladies slacks, clorox, maalox, tissue, deodorant, 3 picture frames, and some silverware on 3/28/11.

Katherine Robinson received dish serivce for 4, 7 ladies shirts, a jean dress, some slacks, earring/necklace set, purse, clorox, deodorant and tissues on 3/28/11.

Dakota Davis received pr boys pants, pjs, clorox, tissues, deodorant, feminine products, lotion, cold compress and some food on 3/28/11.

Corena Autaubo received 2 ladies skirts, 3 blouses, 6 shirts, 3 mens shirts, 4 prs shorts, clorox, tissues, deodorant, and some food on 3/28/11.

Benzetta Davis received a ladies suit, 2 skirts, 2 blouses, 2 dresses, pr sandals, clorox, tissues, deodorant, and some food on 3/28/11.

Demetria Washington received pr ladies jeans, 4 girls shirts, 6 girls shorts, frying pan, 2 small pots, knives, clorox, deodorant, kleenex, hair color, candle, maalox, make up, body lotion, nail polish, and some food on 3/28/11.

Natasha Washington received 2 pr boys underwear, 2 pr socks, 2 pr jeans, 3 girls shorts, 3 girls shirts, 3 boys shirts, pr girls pants, 4 boys T shirts, 2 mens shorts, clorox, deodorant, 4 ice cube trays, juice, bandaids, touch of gray, small crock pot, spatula and 2 plastic containers on 3/28/11.

Sara Scamman received a girls jacket, 9 pr shorts, pjs/bathrobe, 10 girls shirts, 2 trash cans, 2 boys shirts, clorox, kleenex, and some food on 3/28/11.

Leslie Wiggins received some clorox, kleenex, deodorant, tooth brushes, tooth paste, bandaids, benefiber, and some food on 3/24/11.

Marisol Jackson received a phone, bath set, radio, 5 tops, 2 pants, crib cover, dress, pjs, back pack, trash can,  2 girls dress/pants, boys shirts/pants, toys, 3 mens shirts, 4 baby shirts, 5 training pants, 2 socks, 4 girls shirts, 3 shoes, 3 books, a mop, and some food on 3/24/11.

Orilla Mathis received 2 pr slacks, 2 pr jeans, shorts, 2 skirts, 5 tops, a dress, 2 pr shoes, 2 pr capris, 4 T shirts, and some food on 3/24/11.

April Miller received 2 ice trays, a swim suit, kitchen utensils, silverware, pot w lid, jeans, 8 tops, 2 Tshirts, 4 training pants, and some food on 3/24/11

Elizabeth Anderson received 2 blankets, sheets, pillow case, 2 ice trays, a scoop, jeans, 6 tops, 5 shorts, 6 shirts, a dust pan, a game, baby bottles, pitcher, plunger, a toy, 2 trash cans, pr shoes, 2 bibs, laundry basket, toilet brush, a strainer, salt/pepper shakers, and some food on 3/24/11.

Lauren Morton received 3 toys, 8 shirts, pr jeans, swim suit, 4 blouses, 2 dresses, baby shoes, purse, and some food on 3/24/11.

Nicole Coffey received a teapot, shirt, 4 boys shirts, and some food on 3/24/11.

Wilhelmina Myrick received an adapter, 2 braces, mens shirt/shorts, girl's dress, 6 glasses, kleenex, clorox, notions, 2 containers, and some food on 3/24/11.

Traicie Robinson received clorox, kleenex, notions, toys, Britta pitcher, shoes, tablecloth, dust pan, knives, 7 tops, a dress, 7 prs pants, plunger, silverware, bowls, candlesticks, ladle, hangers, jeans, and some food on 3/23/11.

Brandy Mathis received 2 prs shoes, silverware, strainer, bowl, carousel, clorox, tissue, ice trays, 3 cups, 2 mugs, 2 glasses, scrubs, waste basket, 2 skirts, top, jeans, 7 shirts, 4 towels w washcloths, and some food on 3/23/11.

Jacquelyn Williams received some clorox, kleenex, notions, crock pot, trash can, casserole dish, pots/pans, map, broom, 3 shirts, 5 skirts, 12 shirts, 4 ladies shirts, a smock, a scarf, and some food on 3/22/11.

Wendell Flynt received some food on 3/22/11.

Teisha Harvey received a trash can, tupperware, calendar, drainer, teapot, silverware tray, dishes, 2 baskets, bowls, baster brush, sweater, dress, pot holders, knife, notebook, bracelets, carving board, 2 men's ties, women's tops, toys, goggles, 3 women's shorts, shawl, jacket, scarf, pots/pans, childs shoes, underware, shirts, plastic pants, potty chair, clorox, notions, zoo book, 2 skirts, childs pants, and some food on 3/22/11. 

Penny Edwards received a laundry basket, notions, clorox, bowls, pjs, 7 shirts, pants, wastebasket, garbage can, 7 tops, 2 mugs, 3 books, sheets w cases, ice trays, tupperware and some food on 3/22/11.



Norma Martinez received some dishes, a clothes hamper, 2 CD players, 2 table cloths, 8 pr jeans, 3 pr shorts,  9 shirts, notions, kleenex, 3 prs shoes, clorox, and a purse on 3/22/11.

Vicci May received 8 glasses, a toaster, a grill, 3 cups, 1 mug, a pitcher, notions, kleenex, clorox, dish drainer, 2 shirts, 1 boys shirt, cough drops, 3 pr boys shorts, forks, a bowl, and some food on 3/22/11.

Antoniece Gordon received some clorox, kleenex, notions, toaster, pitcher, measuring cup, ice trays, diapers, 7 dresses, 6 shirts, 6 shorts, and food on 3/22/11.     

Liz Massey received some books, and some food on 3/21/11.

Natasha Washington received some shoes, men's shirts and pants, girls pants and shorts, boy's shirt, 2 little boy shirts, pjs, 2 T shirts, little girl playset, potty chair, clorox, a toy, and some food on 3/21/11. 

Tami Woodall received 2 shirts, pair of pants, and some food on 3/21/11.

Antanycia Goddard received 3 skirts, and 3 blouses on 3/21/11.

Debra Jones received some boots, shoes, 4 girl's tops, girls dress, ladies top and skirt, and some food on 3/21/11.

Vickie Heath received 4prs of shoes, 5 ladies' tops, 2 pr pants, a dress, 3 towels, and a comforter on 3/21/11.

Denise Griffith received some sheets, pillow cases, towels, 4 pr boys pants, 1 pr girls pants, 3 girls tops, 2 jackets, pr shoes, 7 ladies pants/tops, clorox, kleenex, a belt, 2 mens shirts/pants, and some food on 3/17/11.

Tonesha Love received some notions, adult diapers, a scarf, 13 tops, 2 skirts, some shoes, sheets, and pillowcase on 3/18/11.

Brenda Elix received a shirt, some jeans, some shoes, 5 ladies tops, kleenex, clorox, and some food on 3/17/11.

Maria Elias received a potty chair, 5 shirts, 1 jacket, a book and 3 toys on 3/17/11.

Rita Gardner received a throw, tiger, 4 saucers, 2 pillow cases, a glass tray, a shelf, a car, 2 candle holders, puzzle and some food on 3/17/11.

Bertha Degrate received some baby shoes, sheets, 4 baby outfits, a book, a shelf, some sandles, kleenex, clorox, deodorant, and some food on 3/17/11.

Megan Grey received a pillow, 3 stuffed animals, antibiotics, 5 books, 4 towels, shorts set, clorox, tissue, 9 playsuits, shoes, and some food on 3/17/11.

Christal Ray received some sheets/pillow cases, towels, 14 ladies/girls shirts, 6 ladies/girls pants, 2 prs jeans, pjs, 9 boys shirts, 2 boys pants, belt and some food on 3/17/11.

Jennifer Camp received 2 prs kids shoes, Linus blanket, wash cloth, girl pjs, 4 prs jeans, 2 onesies, 2 T shirts, pr boys jeans, 5 shirts, 2 receiving blankets, and a girl's outfit on 3/16/11.

Natasha Washington received a printer, sheets, pillow, comforter, 4 towels, bathmat, deodorant, 2 pjs, 2 prs shoes, girl's jacket, 6 pants, clorox, kleenex, toothbrushes, apple cherry juice, and some food on 3/16/11.

Demetria Washington received a bowl, picture hangers, clorox, 4 shirts, 4 towels, a bath mat, hangers, apple juice and some food on 3/16/11.

Norma Reyes received some clorox, sheets, bath towel, hand towel, 3 skirts, bath mat, and some food on 3/16/11.

Regina Sadler received 2 candle holders, glass bowl, 4 picture frames, an iron rack, 4 ladies skirts, belt, 3 pillbox cases, 2 scrubs, deck of cards, purse, tissue, pillow, 3 jackets, 5 kid's shorts, potty chair, printer, deodorant, and some cherry apple juice on 3/15/11.

Tina Thomas received a computer plug, map book, apron, 2 bowls, 3 men's shirts, pjs, boys pjs, 2 blouses, sweatpants, jeans, boots, speakers, clorox, juice and food on 3/15/11.

Harvey Smith received 2 jackets, 5 sweaters, 2 pr slacks, a tie, some clorox, appled juice and some food on 3/15/11.

Crystal Caldwell received some sheets, pants, 5 jeans, 8 shirts, 2 jackets, 5 girls shirts, blouse, 3 boys shirts, ladies boots, 2 boys jeans, 3 ladies jeans, 3 pillow cases, 2 bowls, scissors, boy's bike, and some food on 3/15/11.

Angela Lee received a backpack, 3 boys shirts, a jacket, pants, blanket, set sheets, set of shower hooks, ladies skirt, slacks, dress and some food on 3/15/11.

Melissa Violette received girls/ladies boots, a purse, 2 belts, diapers, feminine products, clorox, apple juice, deodorant, 2 hats, 2 dresses, 5 blouses, kleenex, jacket, nightgown, boys pants and shirts, 2 prs ladies shoes on 3/15/11.

Carmen Rios received 3 shirts, 1 blouse, 1 puzzle, 2 jackets, a sweater, and some food on 3/14/11.

ShawnTesheia Middleton received 5 boys shirts, 2 girls pants, a skirt, diapers, bread, clorox, kleenex, 5 pr booties, 2 bibs, baby jumper, stuffed animal, potty chair, 3 blankets, some apple cherry juice, and food on 3/14/11.

Ana Maria Pena received 5 shirts, a sweater, 2 prs pants, 2 jackets, 2 stuffed animals, and some food on 3/14/11.

Kelly Pettis received a shirt, 3 pants, a blouse, hoodie, puzzle, and 2 pairs of  boots on 3/14/11.

Vickie Heath received notions, bath robe, 9 shirts, 4 pants, purse, 2 hoodies, sweat pants, shorts, kleenex, scanner, 2 coats, 4 baskets, 2 slacks, and some food on 3/14/11.

Sandra Hunter received a robe, a blanket, a purse, 2 suits, jogging pants, 2 goblets, 2 candle holders, some notions, and some food on 3/10/11.

Shimere Hines received 7 prs socks, queen sheets, 4 pillow cases, 2 bibs, 2 baby pants, a onesie, 2 hats, 9 pants, a top, 2 shorts, 2 shirts, 2 crib sheets, 3 baby blankets, 2 shoes and twin sheets on 3/10/11.

Kavita Mehta received a car seat, some toys, 2 jackets, a sweater, 4 pants, 3 shoes, a book and some food on 3/10/11.

Sara Cervantes received some toys and food on 3/10/11.

Elizabeth Massey received some books, notions and some food on 3/10/11.

Sanoria Tate received 3 prs pants, shirt, some long johns, a toy and some food on 3/10/11.

Vickie Heath received some food on 3/10/11.

Martha Bomer received 3 ladies suits, 1 jacket, a purse, 4 prs of pants, 1 wrinklefree, hangers, notions and some food on 3/10/11.

Sonya Baxter received some food on 3/10/11.

Sherion Johnson received 3 infant dresses, receiving blankets, booties, slippers, baby shoes, and baby formula and oatmeal on 3/9/11.

Tina Thomas received 5 shirts, shorts, 2 ladies shirts, 2 pr men's socks, girls socks, hot plate, 3 sheets, container, blinds, car wash sponge, garden tool, puzzle, and a chandalier on 3/9/11.

Lisa Brown received a VCR/DVD, TV, 3 pants, jeans, a dress, top, puzzle, bath rugs, cups, 6 glasses w pitcher, donkey, candle w holder, knives, notebook, and a coffee maker on 3/9/11.

Sara Cervantes received a dress, 2 toys, 2 pr jeans, 2 shirts, baby jacket, short set, 3 onesies, and some notions on 3/9/11.

Vickie Heath received 2 backpacks, 2 prs boots, 2 shoes, 5 sweaters, blouse, 3 prs women slacks, 5 towels, a onesie, calculator w case, slippers, 4 pullovers, sheets, kleenex, notions, 4 tops, and 3 belts on 3/8/11.

Teisha Harvey received diapers, some hangers, suitcase, boots, notions, kleenex, a basket, 3 toys, baby shoes, a 2 purses, 5 sweaters,  4 shirts, 2 jackets, hoodie, baby jacket, batman costume, 5 boys shirts, and 2 boys pants on 3/8/11.                                

Jena Guthery received a raincoat, 3 dresses, jeans and a toy on 3/8/11.

Sabra Painter received a shirt and pant set, another shirt, and 3 pairs of pants on 3/8/11.

Shellie Merchant received a jacket, game, toy, girl's purse, and some food on 3/3/11.

Carla Martin received 2 sweaters, dishes, 2 dresses, 4 shirts, 2 jackets, 2 blouses, hat, bags, cooking utensils, paint brushes, window cleaner, 2 scarves, 2 bowls, 2 prs shoes, and a recipe box w recipes on 3/3/11.

Sandra Green received some marbles and 5 books on 3/3/11.

Melissa Violette received a grill apron, some toys, women's sweaters, 3 pr shoes, pr pants, feminine products, 2 girl's shirts, a skirt, notions, pr boy's shoes, 2 prs pants and 3 toys on 3/3/11.

Mayra Enriquez received 2 jackets, 2 dresses, 1 pants, 1 jacket, 2 sweaters, 2 shirts, a sweatshirt, placemats, 3 shorts, toy stroller, and 2 toys on 3/3/11.

Maria Elias received some pjs, 3 jackets, 2 shirts, 1 sweater, and a denim jacket on 3/3/11.

Maria Robleolo received 5 shirts, 2 pr shoes, 5 skirts, 5 prs of pants, 3 sweaters, 2 T shirts, and some food on 3/3/11.

Krystal Williams donated a woman's suit, some children's toys, a notebook, and a child's purse on 3/3/11.

Crystal Caldwell received a beanbag chair, teddy bear, baby toys, cups, silverware, 3 sippy cups, storage box, silverware tray, placemats, 5 cups, bowls, 6 plates, 3 muffin trays, 3 cookie sheets, 3 games, 3 prs jeans, 15 shirts, 2 prs girls shoes, 10 sweaters, 5 sweatshirts, 7 pr boy's pants, and some food 3/3/11.

Brandi Zarate received a vaccuum cleaner and a purse on 3/2/11

Tonesha Love received a guitar, 3 ladies shirts, 2 cupcake pans, 2 prs ladies pants, 2 prs socks, a book, shoes, notions, kid's T shirts, a pair of shorts, 4 shirts, purse, socks, and a tripod on 3/2/11.


Megan McGee received 2 jackets, 2 dresses, 1 shirt and some toys on 3/1/11.

Robin Capps received a boy's jacket, 2 ladies shirts, a pair of pants, 5 boy's shirts, 2 prs boy's pants, 2 girl's dresses, and some food on 3/1/11.


LaDonna Stafford received 6 prs of pants, 1 blanket, 1 nightgown, a shelf, 9 shirts, and 2 baskets on 3/1/11.

Rashon Fisher received 4 prs of pants, a onesie, and a toy on 3/1/11.

Cristal Gonzales received some babyfood, diapers, 3 hats, 5 prs socks, onesie, 2 prs pants, a sweater, 2 wash cloths, and a bathtub on 2/28/11.

Tequila Crutcher received a booster chair, 4 prs kids shoes, ladies boots, a purse, feminine products, notions, bath robe, 8 prs jeans, 6 sweaters, child's jackets, 4 dresses and some food on 2/28/11. 

Norma Reyes received 2 dolls, 1 pr slacks, 1 dress, 1 blouse, jeans, 6 tops, a glass holder and some food on 2/23/11.

Brianna Chess received 2 ladies dress jackets, slacks, 2 ladies suits, and a vest on 2/23/11.

Elizabeth Massey received some food on 2/23/11.

Betty Morton received some placemats, silver tray, mug, 2 purses, slippers, nightgown, shirt, kleenex holder, toothbrush holder, and one pair of shoes on 2/23/11.

Patricia Bradley recieved some food on 2/23/11.

Karina Molina received 2 glasses, a girl's dress, a jacket, 3 sweaters, 2 pjs, 3blouses,  an apron, and some food on 2/23/11.

Penny Edwards received 2 jackets, a baby sleeper, 2 prs baby jeans, potty chair, books, salad shooter, and some food on 2/22/11.

Brianna Chess received some toiletries, boy's shirt, jacket, and pjs, girl's shirt, pjs, and dress, teddy bear, shirt, 2 ladie's shirts, a sweater, and some food on 2/22/11.

Jerri Flowers received 4 small toys, 1 board game, some underwear, 2 short sets, 1 spray cleaner, a set of coffee mugs, and 1 decal on 2/21/11. 

Vickie Heath received some earrings, a clock radio, 5 folders, 2 shirts, a blanket, 4 pants, a large bag, nail polish, 2 skirts, 2 sweaters, 2 vests, a necklace, backpack, puzzle, shoes, panty shields, and a bar of soap on 2/21/11.

Katherine Shipman received some tampax, 2 girl's shorts, 3 girl's tops, 4 books, 6 toys, and some diapers on 2/21/11.

Elizabeth Massey received some food on 2/17/11.

Amanda Tobey received some diapers, receiving blankets, quilt, 6 pr socks, 3 pr  pants, 1 shirt, 9 hats, 2 shirts, 3 onsies, 3baby comb, rattle, 4 bibs, sleeper, velvet jacket, women's shoes, 2 baby shoes, and a stroller on 2/17/11. prs shorts, 1

Bertha Degrate received a hat, shoes, teddy bear, slippers, baby shoes, 4 books, dress, blouse and some food on 2/16/11.

Tammy Butler received some notions, a dress, jacket, sweatshirt, bathrobe, purse, hotpad, silver tray, and some food on 2/16/11.

Jennifer Elms received a belt, 2 prs pants, 2 T shirts, nightgown, whisk, notions, and some food on 2/16/11.

Norma Reyes received one crib cover, 1 pants, 3 sweaters, and food on 2/16/11.

Cristina Flores received 3 sweaters, 4 shirts, books and skirts on 2/16/11.

Magdalena Huerta received 3 prs of shoes, blouse, shirt, 2 skirts, and 2 sweaters on 2/16/11.

Mayra Enriquez received a robe, sweater, sheets, 3 jeans, book, doll, 3 picture frames, 2 balls, 2 sweat shirts, kid's jeans, sweater, shirt, shoes, mirror toy, and some food on 2/16/11.

Rita Gardner received a game, 3 jeans, child's jacket, pair of pants, and some food on 2/16/11.

Paula Johnson received 3 outfits, 2 socks, 1 bib and toys on 2/15/11.

Rosa Padilla received 2 jackets, 2 dresses, 3 blouses, 2 shirts, sweater, 4 throws, 2 sets of sheets, child's pants and hat, bedspread, toy and some food on 2/15/11.

Norma Martinez received 2 jackets, 7 shirts, 2 jeans, 1 blouse, a skirt, 2 pants, some toys, flatware and food on 2/15/11.

Sandra Hunter received a teapot, flashlight, cups, purse and a jacket on 2/15/11.

Martha Bomer received a purse, pants, blouse, 3 piece suit, 2 piece suit, skirt, dress, and another 2 piece suit on 2/15/11.

Vicky Beecroft received some food on 2/15/11.

Randi Boothe received 2 ladie's shirts, 2 boy's jeans, pjs, 1 home decor, 3 toys, swing, 4 books, toiletries, diapers, and socks on 2/14/11.

Khristina Stafford received 5 prs socks, 3 prs panties, 3 shirts, slippers, a shelf, 2 prs pants, 2 suits, wafflemaker, 5 ice cube trays, and a can opener on 2/8/11.

Adriane Ballard received 6 toys, a bowl, hoodies, lotion, toiletries, shirts, 2 prs pants, shampoo, tea pot, and a blanket on 2/8/11

Brandy Zarate received 2 shirts, shoes, jacket, shelf, 2 belts, can opener, 3 prs of panties on 2/8/11.

Melissa Greene received a play rug, pjs, overalls, 2 bibs, shoes, 5 socks, long pants, jacket, over pants, 3 toys, women's jacket, coat, slacks, sweaters, baby quilt, throw pillow and some food on 2/8/11.

Nytine Haggins received some food on 2/8/11.

 Vicky Beecroft received some food on 2/8/11.

Carmen Rios received 10 sweaters, skirts, 4 blouses, jacket, purse, child'd hat, hot pad, 2 napkins, slacks, radio, cup, candle, shawl, 3 dolls, knives, and some food on 2/7/11.

Ana Munoz received some shoes, 5 girl's tops, and  5 pairs of girl's pants on 1/31/11.

Donetta Loudermilk received 5 girl's pants, 8 girl's shirts, 1 dress, 3 books, and food for her family on 1/31/11

Brandy Zarate donated some houseshoes, jacket, 2 sweaters, 1 pr pants, and some notions on 1/26/11.

Ladonna Stafford received a purse, kite, 7 prs of socks, slippers, robe, 6 prs pants, napkin holder, 4 shirts, 1 jacket, 2 toys, men's sandals, and 2 shirts on 1/25/11.

Ana Pena received 5 girl's shirts, and 2 pairs of girl's pants on 1/31/11.

Jerri Flowers received 2 girl's sweaters, 1 boy's hat, 1 girl's jacket, 3 girl's shirts,1 boy's shirt, 1 twin blanket, 2 throws, socks, toys, 2 flashlights, 2 frames, and 1 bracelet on 1/31/11

Griselda Gomez received 2 girl's tops, and 2 pairs of boy's pants on 1/31/11.

Vickie Heath received 2 belts, 2 hoodies, 1 sweatshirt, jeans, picture cube, game, 2 purses, 1 shirt, socks, 2 sheets, kite,    4 pillow cases on 1/27/11 and 2 purses, sweater, jacket, 9 women's blouses, grooming necessities, candles, kleenex, and 2 stretch pants on 1/31/11. 

Kelly Pettis received some jeans, slacks, a3 sweaters, a skirt, 2 shirts, and a backpack on 1/27/11. 

Dadra Jones received baby supplies, diapers, clothes, pants, earmuffs, a dress, 2 pant and sweater set, men's shoes, jeans, a blouse, and some food on 1/27/11.

Bertha Degrate received 5 books, 1 vest, 1 hoodie, 2 receiving blankets, 2 blouses, 2 baby outfits, baby hat, 1 cap on 1/27/11.

Brenda Flemming-Carruthers received 2 prs men's shoes, planter, cheese slicer, potato peeler, men's dress shirt, Army jacket and pants, belt, scarf, women's suit jacket, 4 women's sweaters, dress shoes, and food on 1/31/11.

April Medeiros recieved a high chair, bouncy seat, sweatshirt and 4 on 1/27/11.

Rita Gardiner received 4 jackets, 1 shirt, 3 hats, 1 scarf, 2 toys, and food on 1/27/11.

Jennifer Camp received 1 picture cube, 1 sweater, boy's underwear, 1 woman's shirt, 1 girl's coat, 2 pairs pjs, 2 pairs women's pants, 1 girl's shirt, and 1 girl's jeans on 1/27/11

Alice Breath received 4 shirts, 2 toys, 1 sweater and some food on 1/27/11

Kimberly DeSpain received 3 shirts, 3 hoodies, 2 baby sweaters, 1baby shirt, 1 set of pjs, snack pack, storage hook, dryer balls, 1 book and some food on 1/27/11

Karina Molina received some underwear, a onsie, 3 prs pants, 1 shirt, some socks, 4 toys and some food on 1/26/11.

Norma Reyes received 1 pillow case, a lamp, 3 pairs of boy's underwear, 3 shirts, 5 pants, 1sweater, pjs,  a lunch box, and some food on 1/26/11

Kristen Stafford received 2 shirts, 1 sweatsuit, pants, jacket, 1 sweater, 1 girl's jacket, vaccuum cleaner, slippers, hangers, construction paper, sweater socks, notions, a purse, and some shoes on 1/26/11.

Elizabeth Massey received 2 sweaters, a  warm up suit, and food on 1/26/11

Teisha Harvey received 4 tapes, some notions, a purse, 3 sweaters, a vest, 2 jeans, shirt, football, skirt, sweater coat, hat, gloves, underwear, set of dishes, and 2 cups on 1/25/11.

Karla Gonzalez received an Elmo, a wand, 2 shirts, blanket, 2 sweaters and some shoes on 1/25/11.

Angela Lee received 3 shirts, a jacket, a sweatshirt, 2 pairs of jeans, a jogging suit, and some food on 1/26/11

Tracy Myers received 2 jackets, 2 shirts, bath soap, shampoo and some food on 1/24/11.

LaDonna Stafford was blessed with toys, a purse, stockings, houseshoes, a robe, 6 pants, 6 shirts, and a jacket on 1-25-11

Darshell Robinson received a coffee pot, cannister set, 4 glasses, butter dish, mail organizer, lamp, picture frames, can opener, flashlight, tupperware pitcher, magnet clips, jeans, flannel pjs, and a grill on 1/26/11


Shayla Stevenson received 2 boy's pants, 3 prs shoes, hat, sweater, sweatshirt, 5 T shirts, 2 prs pants, and some food on 1/18/11.

Diana Wade received a table top babyseat, baby bouncy, project Linus blanket, toy table, 2 baby toys, 4 baby pants, and a onesie on 1/26/11.

Brianna Chess received a boy's suit, 2 sweaters, 1 girl's pants, a onesie, a pullover, 2 sleepers, 2 shirts, 2 prs pants, 1 dress suit, 1 book, 1 toy, notions and some food on 1/23/11.

Myra Issac received 3 pairs of women's pants, 2 child's pants, 7 bibs, 4 shirts, 1 child's purse, and food on 1/20/11.

Magdalena Huerta received some little shoes, ladies sneakers, 2 prs pants, 3 sweaters, 3 shirts, 2toys, 3 jeans, and some food on 1/20/11.

Brandy Zarate received silverware, socks, 4 women's sweaters, a jacket, 8 pairs of jeans, 6 ladies shirts, soap, and food on 1/20/11.

Kerensa Brown received some diapers, baby clothes, bibs, baby swing, stroller, bath towels, blue bunny, prayer teddy, 2 blankets, tampax, and notions on 1/19/11.

Sheila Agoro received a purse, pajamas, shirt, pillow, notions and some food on 1/18/11.

Caleeta Dowlins received some ice cube trays, tampax, whisk & spatula, pitch and some food on 1/18/11.

Crystal Ousley received some girl's shirts, a white jacket, some pants, and some food on 1/18/11.

Nytina Haggins received some food on 1/18/11.

Jenny Stanley received some food on 1/18/11.

Vickie Heath received 3 scarves, 2 purses, 1 pillow, 1 baby quilt, 1 robe, 1 leather jacket, 1 jean jacket, 1 white fur jacket, 3 sweatshirts, slippers, 2 puzzles, 1 movie, notions, and some food on 1/17/11.

Yolanda Russell received a steamer, 2 pots, cheese slicer, 2 queen set sheets, 3 king quilts, flatware, hangers, 2 vases, 2 prs shoes,  5 shirts, omlet pan, dolls w clothes, 2 jackets, 1 pillow, curtain rods, 2 sets of curtains, 3 girls tops, 2 kleenex, 2 shampoo, girl's purse, 2 prs girl's shoes, clock, picture album, 2 hurricanes, apple juice, and candy on 1/11/11.

Frederick Johnson received 2 books, crown, teddy bear, shoes, coffee, a castle, and some food on 1/17/11.

Britainy Anderson received some notions, 3 jackets, 4 shirts, 4 sweaters, sleeper, 3 pants, a rain suit, a playmat, bath outfit, 2 women's sweaters, 3 ladies skirts, a jacket, a rug, 2 hats, and some food on 1/17/11.

Wyleah Cubit received some flatware, 2 grills, a phone, sewing machine, pitcher, her picture frame, pans, luggage, popcorn popper, 3 blouses, 2 slacks, a backpack, and some food on 1/12/11.

Bryan Kramer came into Bethel and received 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, and food. 1/12/11

Shauntell Meeks received some diapers, pjs, 8 prs pants,  2 shirts, a top, a dress, 5 ladies tops, 2 shampoo, kleenex, truck, pitcher, plastic ware, plastic glasses, popsicle mold, and some food on 11/11/11.

Yolanda Russell received a steamer, 2 pots, a cheese slicer, queen sheets, a king quilt, flatware, hangers, 2 vases, 2 pairs adult shoes, 5 shirts, dolls and toys, an omlette pan, 2 jackets, a pillow, curtain rods, 2 sets of curtains, 2 girls tops, notions, a girls purse, 2 girls shoes, a picture holder, 2 hurricane lamps, candy and apple juice on 1/11/11.

Wyleah Cubit received some flatware, 2 grills, a phone, sewing machine, pitcher, picture frame, pans, luggage, can opener, pop corn popper, 2 blouses, 2 slacks, a backpack and some chicken quarters on 1/12/11.

Randi Boothe received 2 pots w lids, 2 sweat pants, 6 glasses, 2 baking pans, 1 jacket, 3 toys, blue jeans, 4 shirts, 2 sweat shirts, 2 books, a blue blanket, a dozen drinking glasses, 2 sheets, 2 candles, and some diapers on 1/10/11.