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Bethel Foundation



Chatina Morrison rcvd gloves-2, diapers, G outfits-2, L jacket, baby doll, purse, G jacket, Baby coat on 9.29.11.

Martha Flowers rcvd food, 2 platters, salt & pepper shaker, L sweater-3, L jacket, L jeans, hand towel, L sweater set, L jean coat, L formal wear-3, L leather pants on 9.29.11.

Sharette Morrison rcvd B jeans, B shirts-2, B jackets-2, purse, hangers, socks, gloves on 9.29.11.

Jerri Flowers rcvd food, clorox, diapers size 3 & 4 B hat-2, shorts-2, onesie-4, G coat, G t-shirt, G sweater set, G outfit, G pj's, G dress, hangers, underpads-2, dry erase board, camera, bath towels-2 on 9.29.11.

Brandy Zarate rcvd on food, clorox, L jacket,M shirts-5, mattress pad on 9.29.11.

Kimberly Redd rcvd food, clorox, diapers size 4, socks-4, bibs-4, baby cereral, onesies-4, B outfit, B sleeper, G jacket, G pjs, underpants, teether on 9.29.11.

Tisnishia Barnett rcvd food, clorox, socks-2, L sweater-2, L pants-3 on 9.29.11.

Courtney Rose rcvd food, clorox, L shirt, L robe, B shirts-3 on 9.29.11.

Cheryl Kliewer rcvd visited the Bethel Foundation on 9.29.11.

Tiffany Wiggins rcvd food, clorox, L pants-4, L sweater-2, purse on 9.29.11.

Cydney Stell rcvd food, clorox, diapers size 4, potty seat, formal dress, B shoes-3, G shirt-2, G sweater, B pants-4, G hoodies, G pants-2, bowl, purse, handtowel-2, washcloths-2, winter hat, mug, spatula, B shirt-4, toy cars, glasses-4, hotpad on 9.29.11.

Enya Jones rcvd food, clorox, rug, L winter hat, diaper bag, chip & dip plate, bath towel, cake pan, coats-3, pants-1 on 9.29.11.

Sally Maddox rcvd food, clorox, L sweater-3, L shirt, L vest on 9.29.11.

Rachael Gress rcvd clorox, pj set, L shirt, L jacket, L pants-2 on 9.29.11.

Stefanie Black rcvd food, clorox, detergent, glasses-2, toy hamper, toy truck, cookie sheet, Thomas the Train sheet set on 9.29.11.

Portia Love rcvd food, clorox, wallet-2, picture frame, plates-2, L shoes, springform pans-2 ice cream scoop, L formal shell, L jacket, napkins-4 on 9.29.11.

Elizabeth Mayes rcvd food, clorox, detergent, washcloths-2, pillowcases-2, bath towel-2, pj bottoms, jacket, shirt, sweater on 9.28.11.

Lakeisha Minnis rcvd food, clorox, detergent on 9.28.11.

Adeyemi Loyce rcvd food, clorox, detergent, elmo toy, towel set-1, monkey hat, L shirt, elmo pillow, mocha tray, L shirt, L sweatshirt-5, L jacket, Baby pants, Baby shirts-2, Bras-3, pantyhose on 9.28.11.

Summer Chisholm rcvd food, clorox, detergent, L shoes-2, books-3, towel set, 4 chair pads, shelf, L sweater-2, bras-2, L pants-3, books-4 on 9.28.11.

Betty Wooden rcvd food, clorox, detergent, underpads, L shoes-2, G sweaters-2 on 9.28.11.

Ashley Horn rcvd food, clorox, detergent, G dresses-3, G pants, G sleeper, G shorts-2 1 doz baby diapers, L shoes on 9.28.11.

Wyleah Cubit rcvd L sweater hoodie, G hoodie, L pants-2, M shirt, M jacket, L sweater, L shorts, M shoes, L jacket, leather backpack on 9.28.11.

Randi Boothe rcvd 3 doz of diapers sz 4 & 5, socks-3, book on 9.28.11.

Andriane Bellard rcvd make-up, towel set, toy truck, alphabet blocks, puppet, B pants-2. B shirts-2 on 9.28.11.

Alice Walls rcvd food, clorox, towel set, book, L vest, L pants-2 on 9.28.11.

Quakneesha White rcvd food, clorox, L shirt & pant set, L pj bottoms, G outfit-2 on 9.28.11.

Yolanda Russell rcvd food, clorox, potpourri burner, towel set, relish dish-2, silver tray&bowel, G sweater-2, G shirt-2, G vest, G skirt, B pj set, B polo shirt, G sweater dress, G jogging suit, G shoes, L socks, L shirt-2, L vest on 9.28.11.

Jasha Lyons rcvd food, clorox, detergent, towel set, G jacket, L shirts-3, stuff animal, pillowcases-2, waffle iron, L jacket-2, L skirt, L slacks-2 on 9.28.11.

Trinia Sims rcvd food, clorox, detergent, B sweatshirt, B pants-2, L dress, L jacket, M shirts-2, M jeans-2 on 9.28.11.

Ella Jackson rcvd L shirts-3, purse-2, sweater-2, vest-2, capri, slacks-3 on 9.27.11.

Tanya Davis rcvd food, clorox, M pants-3, L shirt-6, fitted sheet, candlesticks-2, platter on 9.27.11.

Mary Stewart visited Bethel Foundation on 9.27.11.

Jozetta Bullock rcvd food, clorox, G outfit-5, gardening book, chip and dip tray, christmas tray, book on 9.27.11.

Channel Manuel on food, clorox, L sweaters-4, t-shirt, L pants-3, L dress, purse, creamer, sugar set, makeup, books-3, hoodie on 9-27-11.

Darlene LaPage rcvd food, clorox, detergent, wisk, snowman plate, throw, L sweaters-4, purse, B shirts-2, B hoodie, books-4, Baby B shirt, Baby B sleeper on 9.27.11.

Temecka Ellison rcvd food, clorox, detergent, 2 doz of diapers sz 2, t-shirts-3, L sweater-4, G skirts-4, G leggings-6, L pants-3, G outfit, G jacket on 9.27.11.

Andria Woolery rcvd on food, clorox, detergent, L blouse, G shirt, G vest, L sweaters-2, L blouse on 9.27.11.

Claude Brown rcvd cap, and bag on 9.27.11.

Virginia McCall rcvd on food, clorox, L shoes, wooden utensils on 9.27.11

Brenda Fleming-Carruthers rcvd food, clorox, L jacket, potholders, place mats-8, napkins-4, table runners-2, pressure cooker, M jackets-2 L shoes-2 on 9.27.11

Karla Moncravie rcvd food, clorox, detergent, dvd-3, M jacket, socks-3, t-shirts-3, sweatshirt-6, L sweaters-5, boots on 9.27.11.


Melinda Pittman rcvd food on 9.26.11.

Elizabeth Bocanegra rcvd food and clorox on 9.26.11.

Mellissa Morrison rcvd food, clorox, G Dress, G pants, G pj set, G skirt, books-4 on 9.26.11

Lana Baker visited Bethel Foundation on 9.26.11.

Edwina McIntosh rcvd food, clorox, afghan, underpads and dozen diapers on 9.26.11.

Maria Lozano rcvd food, clroox, detergent, m shoes-1, towels, L gown, blanket, M gloves, socks-4, b shirt and jackets-5 on 9.26.11.

Terrie Archer rcvd food, clorox, b shorts-2 & shirt & pants-2 & jacket; & afghan, G s, G hoodie-2 & shirt-2 & sweater & purse; L shoes; dvd's-3, L hoodie & shirt-2 & dress; m tank tops-2 & shirts-2 & jacket-1 & jeans-1, L wallet; snuggie, shelf, flower stems, hangers, table runner & spice bottles on 9.26.11.

Sara Kaye Cervantes (Hill) rcvd food, clorox, diaper-2, baby food-4, rice cereal, b shorts-2, b shirt-2, g outfit-1, g shirt & pj's & shirt; bb pants-2 & onesie-2; g coat-1; pj bottoms-1, bibs-3; birth cloth-1, & vinyl mat on 9.26.11.

Diandra Simon rcvd food, clorox, diapers-1 dozen, paint by 1, mattress pad, L sweaters-3, scarf-3, sweat pants, belt, sweat shirt w/hood, purse on 9.26.11.

Sheree Jones rcvd food, clorox, L sweaters-2, hand towels-3, curtain panel on 9.26.11.

Tammi Williams rcvd food, clorox, b shoes, g jeans-2, l shirt, l jacket, l sweaters-4, l jeans on 9.22.11.

Sharon Wood rcvd food, clorox, picture-4, basket, stuffed animal, chicken, finial, coat, ballerina skirt and l jeans-1 on on 9.22.11.

Andrea Blackard rcvd food, clorox, dvd, baby hat, tea towel, onesies-4 and blankets-2 on 9.22.11.

Krystal Courtney rcvd clorox, food, g sweater and jacket and sweater; book, Seventeen-1, toys-4, g shoes-1 and gloves-1 on 9.22.11.

Joanna Villegas rcvd food and hoodies-2 on 9.22.11.

Rosa Villegas rcvd food, clorox, l pants-1 and shirt; boys pants, l pants-1 and shoes-1 on 9.22.11.

Sarah Newby rcvd food, clorox, scarf, b hoodie, b shirt, l shirt-3, l pants and book on 9.22.11.

Nanette Newby rcvd clorox, bathrobe, l shirt-2 and sweaters-2; l shoes and shirt (2) on 9.22.11.

Monique Salas rcvd clorox, food, girls jacket-2, g dress, l shirt-4 adn shirt and bra; hand gloves-2, water balloon, book, belt, baby sleeper, and shoes-2 on 9.22.11.

Luz Huerta rcvd food, clorox, b jacket-2, m shirt-2, m hoodie-1, b shirt, bb vest-3, shoes-1, rooster-1 on 9.22.11.

Christopher Scott rcvd food, clorox, g jacket-2, g shirts-5, g jeans-5, queen set sheet-1, queen blanket, slacks-3, pencil sharpener-1, twin sheet-1, attress pad-twin-1, vhs tapes-5, m pant-5, g shoes-2, m shoes-2 on 9.22.11.

Patricia Hendricks food, clorox, pictures-2, movie-4, belts-3, camera-1 on 9.22.11.

Patricia Bradley rcvd food, clorox, twin mattress pad, towels-2 and 2 pair shoes on 9.22.11.

Fatima Cooper rcvd a spice rack, sunglasses, 1 M coat, sweat shirts-2, B socks-4, metal shelves-4, B shirt-1, B jacket-1 and books-3 on 9.22.11.

Latisha Richmond rcvd food, clorox, 3 dozen diapers, Ladies jacket and pants; L shirt-4, Baby onesie-3 and socks-2; L socks-3; and boys shoes-1 on 9.21.11.

Natasha Washington rcvd food, clorox, Baby G outfits-2, towels-3 on 9.21.11

Nicole Sharie Heath rcvd food, clorox, 1 dozen diapers sz 4, socks-4, towels-2, washcloths, pillowcases-2, bras-2, Baby pants on 9.21.11

Sherri Spears rcvd food, clorox, L shoes-3, make-up-2, soaps-2, curlers, tablecloths-3, pillowcases-2, towels-3, G dress-2, scarves-3, hose, christmas ornament box, packback, pillow-3, placemats-4, socks on 9.21.11

Vickie Heath rcvd food, clorox, conditioner, soap-3, shampoo, make-up sponge-2, socks-7, towels-2, wash cloths-2, pillow cases-2, placemats-4, pillows-2, sheets-2, L shirt-5 on 9.21.11.

Teisha Harvey rcvd food, clorox, basket, belt rug, hat, make-up bag, Baby B socks-3, napkins-4 VHS tape-2, books-3 letter writer program, shelf-2, hand puppet, hats-4, Baby B t-shirt, L sweaters-2, crib sheet ruffle, Baby blankets-2, onesies-4, DVD, L dress, L shirt, bag, hangers, L jacket, breastpads 1 pkg, make-up sponges, hula hoop, hangers, picture on 9.21.11

Davina Johnson rcvd 1 dozen diapers size 3, Baby jumper, L shirts-2, L slacks, L jacket on 9.20.11.

Kerensa Brown rcvd L pants-3, L shirt-3 on 9.20.11.

Marisol Jackson rcvd food, clorox, 2 dozen of diapers sizes 4 & 5, G shoes, headband, under pads-2, knee pads on 9.20.11.

Tashyla England rcvd food, clorox, sleepers-3, one piece-3, outfits-2, onesies-7, 1 dozen diapers, L skirt, L pants-4 on 9.20.11

Vanessa Brown rcvd food, clorox, Baby B shorts-2, Baby B pants-2, Baby B outfit, Baby B onesies-3, L jeans-3 L outfit on 9.20.11

Sue Perez rcvd food, clorox, Baby outfit, G pants, Baby shoes, G shirts-3, G shorts-3, G dress outfit, L shorts, book, L sweatshirt on 9.20.11.

Cynthia Bruner rcvd food, clorox, book on 9.20.11.

Harvey Smith rcvd food, clorox on 9.20.11.                


Regina Sadler rcvd food, clorox, king comforter, king bedskirt w/shams, pillows-2, shoes-3 on 9.20.11


Joseph Pearce visited on 9.19.11.                                                                  

Monica Flowers rcvd food, clorox, Baby blankets-2, Baby B sleepers-7, Baby B onesies-5, Baby B hat-3, hand puppets, L T-shirt, socks-5, hooded outfit on 9.19.11.

Jami Allen rcvd food, clorox, G pajamas-3, G shirt-3, G sleeper on 9.19.11.

Jessica Switch rcvd food, detergent, clorox, diapers, Baby B outfits-3, Baby B one piece outfit, Baby B shirt-5,Baby B pant-7, underpads-2 on 9.19.11.

Foxye White rcvd food, clorox, L jacket, Baby G onesie L skirt, Baby G sleeper-2, 2 dozen diapers, L sweater, L vest, Baby B onesies-3 on 9.19.11.

Latisha Jimenez rcvd food, clorox, G Jacket, G sleeper, G pajamas, G dress, B T-Shirt, Socks-7, G sandals, playset, horse (toy), stuffed animal-2, dolls-3 on 9.19.11.

Quinetta Foy rcvd food, clorox, doll, purses-2, Baby B onesies-6, Baby B jacket, Baby B outfits-5 on 9.19.11.

Tempest Powell rcvd food, clorox, G shoes-2, G shorts-2, G pants, B shirt, game, purse, chip/dip platter, L pants-3, VHS tapes-2, box, Kid washcloth, party invitation on 9.19.11.

Rose Westbrook rcvd food, clorox, Baby shoes-3, B shoes-1, L shirts-5, L shorts-3, Baby pants, G shirt-9, G jacket, G socks-4, G pajamas, L hat, L pants-2, belt, jacket, L purse, arts crafts, glass case , tape-2,vinyl pads-2, candle, books-5 on 09.19.11.

Kimberly Butler rcvd food, clorox, scarf-4, L shoes-2, skirt, L shirt-13, L pants-2 on 9.19.11.

Sholanda Powell rcvd food, clorox, B shirt-5, B onesie-5, B pants-4, B sleeper, L shorts, L shirt-5 on 9.19.11.


Ruby Jones rcvd food, clorox, ear muffs-1, small wallet, picture holder, jewelry box, small purse- 2, winter hat, L shoes-1, L pants-3, L coat, M T-shirt; jogging suit-2, letter writer kit, sweaters-5, stuffed monkey on 9.19.11.

Nikkita Grant rcvd clorox, dtgnt, size box 1, stuffed animals-2, bg outfit-3, bg shirts-2 and shoes-3 and socks-4; a belt, shorts-2, G sleepers-2; an electronic toy; a G hoodie and shirt; 1 dozen diapers size 3; tea press, mug, and happy birthday napkins on 9.15.11.

Brooke Mooney rcvd food, clorox, and detergent on 9.15.11.

Paula Johnson rcvd food, clorox, detergent, L pants-2; table cloth, placemets and dvr on 9.15.11.

Terrie Archer rcvd clorox, food, laundry dtgnt, L sweater-2, G shirts-4, L shirts-3, vase, candle stick-5, G tank tops-3, L purse, belt, G purse, Bra-1, vase, belt, G underwear, pinch cap-3, books-4, kids dance pod-1, water bucket, jewelry box, massager, picture, and heat plate on 9.15.11.

Camika Fowler rcvd food, clorox, soap, G jacket-1, and slippers-1; and a house witch on 9.15.11.

Talenia Williamson rcvd food, clorox, liquid detergent, G pj's-2; ballet shoes-1; baskets-5, belts-5, book-1, toy basket-3, and chip-and-dip bowl on 9.15.11.

Ella Jackson rcvd food, clorox, L shoes-2 and B jacket; L jacket-2 and shirt-4 and coat-1 and jeans on 9.15.11.

Danielle Jackson rcvd food, clorox, b jacket-1 and shirt-4 and hoodie-5 and jacket-1 and underwear-2 on 9.15.11.

Rosalia Jimenez rcvd food, clorox, mens shoes-1, S/S Utensil Holder-2, ornaments-1 bx; flour jar-1; L pants-2 and shirt-3 and shorts-2 and night gown; 1 pair of mens shoes on 9.15.11.

Norma Martinez rcvd clorox, food, B jeans-5, M shirts-3, a purse, vinyl pads-4, napkin holders-1, scarf, jewelry bag, underpads-3, hangers-6, bookshelf-1, boots (L)-1, and 3 scarves on 9.15.11.

Brittany Hernandez-Furra rcvd food, clorox, L short, B pants, B sweater and shorts-1; L shirt and scarves-3; G jacket and shirt; B onesie; doll; electronic toy-2; L pj's-1 and dress-1 and skirt-1 and pants-1 and BG socks and hat on 9.15.11.

Ramona Gomez rcvd food, clorox, boys shoes-2, L shirts-4, g shirts-4, B jacket-7, B shirts-1, and 1 pair of socks on 9.15.11.

Jeny Morales rcvd food, clorox, B jacket-5, g jacket-3, g shirt-1, m shirts-5, jeans-2, b shirt-1 on 9.15.11.

Judi Heflin rcvd clorox, food and laundry detergent on 9.15.11.

Cheryl Kliewer rcvd food on 9.14.11.

Brittney John rcvd formula -1 can; electronic toy; stuffed animal, vhs tape, clorox, hats-2, L shorts-2; and 3 books on 9.13.11.

Dadre Jones rcvd clorox, food, formula, vinyl pad-2, L dress, B outfit, dress, sleeper-3, bed canape-1 on 9.13.11.

Angela Lee rcvd food, clorox, G sweaters-2, L sweaters-3, and jeans-1 and a hoodie on 9.13.11.

Jennifer Camp rcvd sleeper, b boy shirt-2, bb jacket, onesie-2, outfit-1, b shorts-3, shirt-2, hoodie-3, jacket-2, doll, g pj's-1, bra, purse, l pants-2, shirts-2 on 9.13.11.

Elizabeth Herndon rcvd L sweater-4, pants-1, skirt-2, shirt-1, and L boots on 9.12.11.

Maria Gonzalez rcvd sleepers-5, g pjs-4, g hoodie, and g jeans on 9.12.11.

Patrice Staley rcvd food, clorox, G boots, B shoes, G shirt-5, dress, p.j. set, pant, hooded jacket,  a bra, a doll, and a mini lunch box on 9.12.11.

April Sanchez rcvd food and 3 toys on 9.12.11.

Sarah Newby rcvd clorox,, place mats-4, shower curtain and hooks, L shirts-12, slacks-4, pictures-2, throw-1, b shirts-5, toys-2, shoe-2 on 9.8.11.

Maria Robledo rcvd  clorox, food, scarves-4, shoes-4, L shirts-10, M shirt, dress, dry erase board on 9.8.11.

Melissa Paredes rcvd clorox, food, g shirts-3, l shirt-3, book, and b shirts-5 on 9.8.11.

Melissa Greene rcvd clorox, food, bg shirts-7, socks-8, hats-3, g purse, L socks-2, phone case, stuffed animals-3, baby toy, dress, L shirts-2, bg shorts-2, books-7, and bear poster on 9.8.11.

Gloria Paredes rcvd clorox, food, girls shoes, gloves, ear muffs, panties-2, toys-5, g shirt-3, pants-2, socks-2 and 2 books on 9.8.11.

Portia Love rcvd clorox, bread-1, bookmark cross, drape, table runner, 2 tire plastic shelf-1, ladies shoes-3, books-4, cd, vhs-1, plastic basket, ladies shirts-2, and 3 vases on 9.8.11.

Quinteas Bryant rcvd clorox, food and 2 shirts and 2 pants on 9.8.11.

Brooke Mooney rcvd clorox, food and a glass bowl on 9.8.11.

Christi Ready rcvd clorox, baby outfit, shirts-12, sleeper, and L dress on 9.8.11.

Sheila Forshee rcvd clorox, food, L shirt-4, pants-1, jeans-1, 2 pc outfit, and step stool on 9.8.11.

Kimberlin Bruner rcvd clorox, food, baby outfit-4, jacket, sleepers-5, pants-3, t-hirt-3, L jacket-6, pants-4, shirts-2 on 9.8.11.

Emily "Kristen" Walker rcvd clorox, g shirt-3, skirt, slacks-2, dress, picture, corningware small-w lid, corningware-large-, aprons-3, measuring cup-4, cross-1, socks-4, g boot, toys-2 on 9.8.11.

Quinetta Foy rcvd clorox, food, shoes-4, baby pj's-2, outfits-3, shirt, pan, hats-5, L shirt-14, slacks-3, B discovery pad-1, onesie-3, bib, fake diamond-1, pitcher, spoon holder, statue, belt, slips-3, bra, baby socks-7, music tapes-4, hair clips, clock, stuffed animal-3, dolls-2, t shirt-4 on  9.8.11.

Wanda Conley rcvd clorox and food on 9.8.11.

Kathy Sherman rcvd clorox and food on 9.7.11.

Stacy Zeiger rcvd clorox, food, boys shirt-5, b shirts-6, pants-3, L sweater-1 and shirts-2 on 9.7.11.

Tyronda Pierson rcvd clorox, sleepers-5, toy, and booties-2 on 9.7.11.

Miayi Mathis rcvd clorox, food, g jacket, onesies-10, toys-2, b hoodie, g shirt-2, L pants-1, skirt, shorts-4, bg outfit, underpad-2, picture frames-2, sleeper, coffee pot, b boy outfit-3 on 9.7.11.

Chatina Morrison rcvd clorox, g shirts-5, pants-6, pj, purse, L shorts, sock-3, growth chest, electronic toy on 9.7.11.

Sharette Morrison rcvd clorox, L pants-2, B pants-1, shirt, book-8, underpads-2 and paint on 9.7.11.

Demetria Washington rcvd clorox, food, ladies shirts-3, and a book on 9.7.11.

Natasha Washington rcvd clorox, food, g outfit-2, pj's-2, twin sheet set, bra, g panties-3, socks-2, toys (stuffed animals)-2 on 9.7.11.

Yolanda Harris rcvd food, clorox, M shoes, L shoes, blouse-6, binder, books-5, sweater, slacks-3, scarf, and L jacket on 9.7.11.

Kerensa Brown rcvd clorox, star wastent, and L pants-2 on 9.6.11.

Lesley Mann rcvd food on 9.6.11.

Shirley Prince rcvd food, clorox, t shirt, picture, fish bowl, and cross book mark on 9.6.11.

Cydney Stell rcvd food, clorx, B shirts-5, G shirt-1, skirt, pant, soup mugs-2, spatula, fork, silver tray, kitchen utensil-4, cook bk, and underpands-3 on 9.6.11.

Delica Hardiman rcvd clorox, notebooks-6, 4 cups w lids, cup, cd, tray, rainbow hat, underpads-4, L shorts-1, shirt-2, dress, bg short, shirt, jacket-2, and G pj's on 9.6.11.

Patricia Hendricks rcvd food,c lorox, diaper bag, L purse, bras,-2, slip, shirt-2, shorts-2, pants-5, 2 platters, salad bowl, candy dish, baby's game and toy on 9.6.11.

Clorox, bg dress, L shirt, pants, dress, teapots, king size sheet, bg flip flops, L house shoes, 2 glasses, 1 vase, pot, and vhs tapes-4 on 9.6.11.

Kimberly Butler rcvd food, clorox, L shirt-12, pants-6, skirt-3, curtain-1, cooking utensils-5, 2 pairs earrings; 1 ring; small dustpan and brush and underpads-2 on 9.6.11.

Natalie Brown rcvd food, clorox, b boy shirts-5, sleeper, pant-2, jacket-2, pants-6, shirts-7; g pant-1, shirt-3,; L shirts-3, pants-3, and toys-3 on 9.6.11.

Terrie Archer rcvd food, clorox, shoes-1, g shorts-5, g shirt-2, dolls-2, hat, candy dish-2, bra-2, wine glasses-2, dvd, picture book, jewelry-1, L shirts-5, g socks-1, picture frame, mini screen, foot pillow, L capri, L purse02, books-4, crafts on 9.6.11.

Khaliman Omar rcvd food, clorox, G shoes-1, bg outfits-6, bg dress-3, bg onesie, bear, and pony on 9.1.11.

Quinteas Bryant rcvd clorox, food, L slacks on 9.1.11.

Magdalena Huerta rcvd food, clorox, L shoes, L shirt, 4 bowls, and 1 toy car on 9.1.11.

Sarah Rowland rcvd diaper shirt, sleepers-2, onesies, 4, g outfit-2, g t shirt-2, baby bottles-2, doll, toys-6, shoes-1, baby hat, booties-3, g purse on 9.1.11.

Berlinda Hill rcvd clorox, food, suit jacket, pants-1, dress jeans and 4 L shirts on 9.1.11.