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Victoria Smith rcvd food, B shorts-5, B shirts-2, B G skort, B G shirt, B G onesie-2, B G sunsuit, B G dress, B G shoees-2, B B shoes-2, B B pants -5, B G pants-5, L shirt, L shorts-2, B G shirt on 7.28.11.

Portia Love rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, canisters-3, shoes-2, water jug, flower pot-1, note book, shirts-3, dress, and a bowl on 7.28.11.

Orilla Mathis rcvd food on 7.28.11.

Stefanie Oxley rcvd food, clorox and deodorant on 7.28.11.

Tracy Myers rcvd food, deodorant and clorox on 7.28.11.

Tracie Robinson rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, stuffed animals-2, and 5 books on 7.28.11.

Loyce Adeyemi rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, L short set, 3 pc suit, dress, L shirt-6, pant suit, pants-1, L boots, belt on 7.28.11.

Gloria Lecinski rcvd M shorts-3, M shirt, B shorts-1, G hoodie, G barrettes, and G socks on 7.28.11.

Charlene Robinson rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, L slacks, G hoodie-2, G t shirt on 7.28.11.

Christine Simms rcvd clorox, deodorant, food, girls outfits-4, G shirts-2, socks-7, L skirt-1, Toys-3, L pants-4 on 7.28.11.

Nicole Heath rcvd clorox, deodorant, tissues, ointment, baby dresses-4, B onesie, B shirt, B shorts-4, L shirt-2 on 7.28.11.

Trina Sims rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, 2 shoes, 10 L shirts, L suit, L jacket-2, M shirts-7, M slacks-3 on 7.28.11.

Chasity McMillan rcvd food, clorox, deodorant and 2 jeans and a shirt on 7.28.11.

Latasha Hughes rcvd food, clorox, deodorant on 7.28.11.

Vickie Heath rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, bras-3, 3 water bottles, 2 mugs, silverware tray, kitchen utensils, dish drainer, 4 plates-sm., 2 large plates, dress, shirt-set, short-set, t shirt, capri, pants, jeans (ladies-2), L shorts-2, cutting board, fork, purse on 7.28.11.

Maria Garcia Hernandez rcvd clorox, deodorant, girls shoes, L shirts-3, G shirts-3, G pants, toys-3 on 7.27.11.

Tiffany Morgan rcvd clorox, deodorant, food, diapers-1 doz; baby wipes, B shoes, B outfits-3, vinyl pad, B dress-2, B shirts-2, B pants, B under pants, B toys-5 on 7.27.11.

Janelle Wimberly rcvd clorox, deodorant, and food on 7.27.11.

Stephanie Roberson rcvd clorox, deodorant, and food on 7.27.11.

Shelonda Cobb rcvd clorox, deodorant, food, baby pillow, L shorts-4, glass pot-1, pitcher-1, scrub -1, plug-in-1, measuring cups-2, jellow molds-1, binder-1, books-2, shoes-2, purse-2, albums-10 on 7.27.11.

China Cobb rcvd clorox, deodorant, food, clock,s/p holder, candle holder-2, salt and pepper shaker, note pads-2, 2 books, toys-3, booster seat, 1 bag on 7.27.11.

Dadra Jones rcvd clorox, deodorant, b shoes, b hats-3, b blocks-3, b onesies-10, L capris-1, gown-1, L shirts-2, 2 scrubs, 2 blankets, 1 dozen diapers, 2 books, baby walker, toy blocks on 7.27.11.

Delina Johnson rcvd clorox, deodorant, food, toy-4, book-1 plastic cup-1, G skirt-1, t shirt-1, jacket on 7.27.11.

Laquetta Goudeau rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, B jeans-3, B shirts-5, toy-1, B shoes-3, raincoat-1, hangers-3, king size comforter set, blanket-2, vinyl pads-3, L shirts-4, L jeans-2, L Capri-1, dishes, bowls, plate, tupperware-3, twin comforter, scrubs-5, binder-1 on 7.27.11.

Melody Rankin rcvd clorox, deodorant, and food on 7.27.11.

Aminah Jackson rcvd womens underwear-2, bag of rollers, book, slip, clorox, deodorant, and candy on 7.27.11.

Terrie Archer rcvd clorox, deodorant, L scarf, bra, camisol, capri, jogging pant, hooded shirt, black shirt, pants-2, shirt-1, dishes-2, vases-2, cup-1, shoes-1, candle holders-2, mini aquarium, L gloves on 7.27.11.

Twyla Morrison rcvd clorox, deodorant, 5 books, L purse, L jacket, L skirt and L belt on 7.27.11.

Summer Chisolm rcvd clorox, deodorant, L pants-2, L dress-1, 7 books, thermo bag-1, L shorts-1, L capri-1, L shirts-2, B underpants, L skirt-1, L shoes-1, B gloves-1, B toys-4, and food on 7.27.11.

Donetta Loudermilk received 1 knick-knack, 4 pants, capri, 3 tops, belts, food, deodorant and clorox on 7.26.11.

Courtney Brown received food, crib mattress, bumper pads-1, bath towel, crib sheet-2, onesiees-9,  B boy outfits-10, curtains, purse, and L tank top on 7.26.11.

Anissa Reyes received food/clorox/deodorant, g shirts-2, g hoodie-2 L pants-2, and toys-2 on 7.26.11.

Katrina Jones received food, clorox, deodorant, diapers (doz) #3-1, B boy one piece outfit-5, B boy overalls and shirt-1, dutch oven, tupperware-4, kitchen utensils on 7.26.11.

Martha Bomer received shoes-2, belt, dress, L suit-2, purse, pants-1, jacket, blouse, rug pad, picture, and iron on 7.26.11.

Sandra Hunter received purses-2, dress-3, robe-1, skirt-2, t shirts-5, necklace-3, and pants-1 on 7.26.11.

Brandace Spears received food, deodorant, clorox, garment bag, B shorts-5, gate, shoes-2, jacket, B boy onesie, boy shoes-1, L blouse-3, pants-4, skirt-1, 1 dozen diapers (size 3) on 7.26.11.

Angela Lee received food/clorox/deodorant, shoes, quilt, blouse-5, L pants suit, L t shirt, B t shirts-4, L pants-1, M shorts-2, socks-2 on 7.26.11.

Magdalena Huerta received L slacks-1, L tank top-3, M shoes-1, food/clorox/deodorant, shower curtain holders, B t shirt on 7.26.11.

Sherri Spears received food/clorox/deodorant, shoes-3, boots-1, dress-2, B shorts-1, drying rack, jeans-3, shorts-2, bra, slip-2, pie plate-1, L pants-1, raincoat, G shirt-1, puzzle, G dress-1 on 7.26.11.

Cherron Hawthorne received food, clorox, deodorant, Girls: hoodie, t shirt, jeans-1, leotard, pants-4, skort-2; purse, stuffed animal, Ladies: shorts-1, shirts-5, Baby: jeans-1, t shirts: 15, shorts-3; belt, bathrobe, p.j.'s, pants-2 on 7.25.11.

Liz Massey received Food, clothes, 1 shirt and pant, 4 small toys, 2 magazines-kids', Ladies: shirts-6, jeans-1; 2 knit hats on 7.25.11.

Marelin Lozada received food, clorox, deodorant, slacks-1, socks-2, M shirt-1, bras-2, purse, Ladies:: shirt-3, dress, capri; twin sheet set on 7.25.11.

Trina Brothers received food, clorox, deodorant, YM shirt-1, G hoodie, L skirt, L capri, L shorts, L shirt-4, L camisole, bras-3, undewear-5, boxers-2 and G panties-3 on 7.25.11.

Natalie Stiles received food, clorox, deodorant, stuffed animals-5, kid socks-4, training pants-1, G shirts-3, G dress-1, G underwear-4, L panties-3, blouse-2, pads-2, Doz. diapers & wipes, Bg bathrobe-1, Bg pants, blanket-1 on 7-25.11.

Quinsetta Williams received food, clorox, deodorant, hello kitty-1, barbie car, G shirt-3, on 7.25.11.

LaQuana Cartwright received food, clorox, stuffed animal and deodorant on 7.25.11.

Lamatha Gaines received food, clorox, deodorant, toys-3, notions, and notebook on 7.25.11.

Shana Gaddis received food, clorox, deodorant, G dress-2, G p.j.'s-1, G pants, G shirt-2, L tank tops-2, purse, sauce pan, scarves-2, food container on 7.25.11.

Pat Bradley receivd food, clorox, 4 stuffed animals, alarm clock, mega block set (cars), bowls-4, spatula on 7.25.11.

LaTonia Jones received 2 Dresses, 2 bed pads, 1 shoes, L wallet-1, food, clorox, and deodorant on 7.21.11.

Rita Gardner received food, deodorant, clorox, L shirt-2, shelf-1, lamp, 4 cups, S & P shakers-1, box, candy dish, jeans, photo albums-2, hat-1 on 7.21.11.

Khristina Stafford received food, clorox, deodorant, L jacket -1, MT shirt -1, Y M jeans -1, L pantsuit -1, B shirts -2, Y M shirts-2,  B pants-1, Y M jacket-1, L capri-3, L hoodie-2, L slackes-1, 1 slacks, 2 bras, 1 bag, Ladies shirt-1, Ladies jacket-2, curling iron, baby lotion, tissues-3 on 7.21.11.

Tonya Bartz received food, clorox, deodorant, G shorts, G shirt, book on 7.21.11.

Michelle Espinosa (on right) received food, clorox and deodorant on 7.21.11.

Sherri Spears received food, clorox, deodorant, laundry soap, pad, L dress,, 2 shoes, purse-2, pillows-2, utensils-3, place mats-2, Ladies blouses-2, Ladies: skirt, dress, shirt; 4 fish on 7.21.11.

Paula Steele received food, clorox, L soap, deodorant 9 Bg outfits, L shirt-3, shorts-4, swim suit-1, 1 CD, table runner, spatula, wooden spoon hangers on 7.21.11.

Gina Maxwell received food, deodorant, clorox, laundry soap, pad, 3 books, 3 toys, 4 bg outfits, 2 bg shirts, 3 girls shirts, g hoodie-1, L jean, 1 shoes, 2 scrubs, ladies shirt on 7.21.11.

Teneshia Whitehorn received infant car seat, crib mattress and sheet, baby: boy outfits-4, booties-7, crib pad, 8 onesies, 2 purse/wallet, L pants-2, clorox, deodorant, notions, 1 box on 7.21.11.

Bertha Ramirez received food, clorox, deodorant, ladies shirts (12), Ladies: skirts-4, pants-1, jeans-3; 1 shower curtain; Ladies: socks-4, purse; baby dresser-3, Ladies shoes-1, baby blanket, cups-2 on 7/21/11.

Sarah Lynch received Food, clorox, deodorant, detergent, 1 baby shorts, 1 baby tank top, 3 baby shirts, 1 baby p.j. 1 girls p.j., 1 girls tank top, 1 L shorts, 2 L nite gowns, blocks, 1 toy duck, 1 toy rainbow, 1 ball, 1 card game, 2 scarves, 1 girls life jacket, baby blanket, 4 plastic cups on 7/21/01.

Maria Elias received food, clorox/detergent, 3 Bg dresses, a bg sunsuit, 6 onesies, and 5 booties on 7/20/11.

Ella Jackson received food, 2 fleece wear, 4 L. suit jackets, 2 belt hangers, 3 L. shirts, and 2 L. tank tops on 7/20/11.

Demetria Washington received food, Clorox, 1 G. shorts, 2 scarves, 6 L. t shirt, 2 L. capri, 3 L. slacks, 4 L. jeans, 2 L. blouses on 7/20/11.

Kimberly Ann Butler received food, Clorox, L. blouses (11), table cloth, L. dress, L. capri, L. jacket, L. robe, L. dress, 4 L. belts, L. jeans (1), 6 L. slacks, 6 L. skirts, 3 G. pants, G. jeans, 7 G. shirts, 1 G. dress, 1 G. capri, and 3 shoes on 7/20/11.

Danielle Jackson received food, 3 toys, 2 b shirts, 3 books, movie, swim shorts-1, 3 shorts, 1 jean jacket, jeans, and 2 shirts on 7/20/11.

Patricia Hendricks received food, 2 l blouses, 1 blanket, 1 l pantsuit, 1 swim suit bottom, 2 l t-shirts, 2 jello molds, 1 ladies nite gown, movie, mirror, on 7/20/11.

Wyleah Cubit received baby shirt, 3 girls shirts, 2 mens shorts, 3 belts, b jacket, g shorts, shoe tree, l coat, clorox on 7/19/11.

Aminah Jackson received Clorox, dish detergent, deodorant, boys shirt, 1 boys pants, blow dryer, 1 girls dress, 1 girls pants, 2 socks, 7 bowls, frying pan, hand tape and bandage, 1 music cd on 7/18/11.

Taneka Harris received Clorox, deodorant, dish detergent, eye dros, 7 baby shirt, 8 baby pants, 4 lady shirts, 1 purse, 3 pants, dress, skirt, and 1 shoes on 7/18/11.

Shonteau Smith received 1 girls shirt, ladies skirt, 1 ladies slacks, 1 girls jeans, 1 boys shoes, 2 toys, 1 book, Clorox, deodorant, and dish detergent on 7/18/11.

Lila Benhmida received deodorant, clorox, Dawn, ladies shoes, 6 Ladies purses, 8 Ladies xl shirts, 1 keychain, 1 braid, 1 stuffed animal, 1 necklace, 2 barrettes on 7/18/11.

Rhonda Figures-Reed received Clorox, detergent, deodorant, 4 ladies shirts, 3 vinyl back pads, 1 towel, 2 small bowls, 1 perfume bottle, 1 glass bowl on 7/18/11.

Natasha Washington received Clorox, deodorant, Dawn, 3 girls shirts, 1 boys shirt, boys shoes, boys shirt, 2 boys pants, 2 mens shirts, plastic cup, pair sunglasses, 1 roll rug bindings on 7/18/11.

Marsha OTamiri received Clorox, deodorant, dish detergent, 6 ladies shirts, 1 ladies dress, 1 ladies jacket, 1 ladies sut, 3 ladies skirts, ladies pants, 1 boys jacket, 5 belts, and 1 shoes on 7/18/11.

Nicole Heath received clorox, deodorant, dish detergent, ladies' shorts (2), 3 ladies shirts, 2 ladies pants, 1 book bag, ladies suit, ladies shoes, and 1 pink baby set on 7/18/11.

Vickie Heath received 5 girls items, 7 girls items, 5 ladies items, 4 ladies shorts, 2 ladies panties, 2 towels, 2 glass bowls, 1 lipstick, 1 eye drops, clorox, dish detergent, and food on 7/18/11.

Quinton Berry received clorox, dawn, detergent, deordorant, 7 hamburgre patties holders, 1 cap, 2 scarves, shoeshine kid, 3 shirts, 1 jacket, 1 tie on 7/18/11.

Juana Arroyo received food, 8 ladies blouses, 1 marbles, shoes, stacking shelves, 3 ladies jeans, 1 basket, 4 dry pads, 1 tupperware, 1 belt, casserole dish and 2 shelves on 7/14/11.

Zapporah Gibson received food on 7/14/11.

Ashley Johnson received food on 7/14/11.

Shanan Rodgers received food, silverware, sweat pants, 1 socks, 1 hat, 6 ladies shirts, 1 ladies jeans, 2 ladies jackets, girls swim suit, 1 girls hoodie, 1 sweater, 1 girls dress, 1 shoes, book, 1 scarf, baby pad on 7/14/11.

Shannon Tekamp received food, 2 scarves, 2 ladies pants, and 2 ladies shirts on 7/14/11.

Penny Edwards received food, baby shirt, 1 baby slacks, 1 onesie, 1 ladies robe, 7 ladies skirts, 4 hangers, 1 ladies sweater, hair dryer, ladies slacks, 1 napkin, 3 books, 2 toys on 7/14/11.

Megan Mills received 1 pillow (Private Quarters), 1 twin blue sheet set (Private Quarters), 1 blue throw (Private Quarters), and 1 blanket (Private Quarters) on 7/13/11.

Jowita Tobacco Parker received 3 girls dresses, 1 girls shorts, ladies dress, ladies swimsuit, 2 coffee mugs, 1 purse, and 3 books on 7/13/11.

Jennifer Camp received 3 baby onesies, 1 ladies shoes, 3 girls dresses, 3 sunsuits, 1 ladies shirt, 1 cd/radio, 5 school folders, 1 toy, 5 bibs, and towel set on 7/13/11.

Margaret Levi received food on 7/12/11.

Kerry LeClair received food, 3 baby shoes, 1 baby bath towel, 5 onesies, 2 tank tops, 1 baby girl shirt, 2 baby girl pants, pottie chair/step stool on 7/12/11.

Etelvina Ontiveros received food, 1 dress, 1 ladies shirt, 2 ladies slips, 4 ladies blouses on 7/12/11.

Ana Pena received food, ladies blouse (5), ladies slacks, baby shirt, 1 ladies shoes on 7/12/11.

Latoya Frederick received 4 towels, 3 shoes, 5 baby girl pants, 2 baby dresses, 12 baby girl shorts, 2 baby girl shirts, 5 baby boy onesies, 2 baby boy shirts, 2 baby boy jeans, 1 girls jeans, 1 girls dresses, 1 girls shirt, 1 boys shirt, 4 boys pants on 7/11/11.

Marisol Huerta received food, humidifier, 1 baby shoes, 11 ladies shirts, 4 ladies slacks on 7/11/11.

Luz Huerta received food, soccer ball, hub man, 4 boys shirts, 1 ladies capri, 5 caps, 1 ladies pants, 2 shoes, 6 glasses, bag of marbles, 1 ladies shirt on 7/11/11.

Twyla Morrison received 1 man's shirt, 1 ladies' robe, 1 ladies shirt, 1 ladies wallet, 3 ladies purses on 7/11/11.

Liz Massey received food, 5 books, Alaska statue, elbow pad, flashlight, mega phone, dvd (sesame street), and barette on 7/11/11.

Crystal Caldwell received food, 2 purses, 1 shoes, 2 folders, 3 books, 1 cup, 1 plate, 2 ladies shorts, 1 girls shoes, 3 baby sleepers, 4 pants, 1 pj's, 4 ladies skirts, 1 tupper ware, and 3 toys on 7/11/11.

Channel Manuel receieved 6 shoes, 8 ladies slacks, 1 ladies jacket, 7 skirts, bathing suit, 3 scarves, 1 duffel bag, and 4 glasses on 7/11/12.

Sharette Morrison received 6 girls dresses, 4 girls shirts, 1 ladies jeans, 3 girls jeans, 1 ladies skirts, 2 girls jackets, 2 girls shoes, 1 book, dozen diapers on 7/7/11.

Chatina Morrison received 3 ladies slacks, 1 boys pants, 1 boys shirt, 1 ladies blouse, ladies shoes, purse, 1 football, 5 books, 1 jewelry, 1 helmet, 2 socks on 7/7/11.

Natalie Stiles received 3 bathing suits (ladies), 1 ladies skirt, 10 ladies shirts, 1 ladies shoes, 1 ladies purse, 1 baby fitted sheet, 3 baby shoes, 2 baby dresses, 3 baby shirts, 1 baby pants on 7/7/11.

Alice Walls received food, 1 ladies jeans, 1 ladies shirt, 1 ladies top, 1 ladies suit jacket on 7/7/11.

Lorena Hanna received food, 2 coffee mugs, 1 girls bathing suit, 1 ladies shirt, 1 shoes, 1 dog leash, 2 ladies shirts, 1 capri, 2 jogging suits, 1 plastic cup on 7/7/11.

Sherri Spears received 10 napkins, 1 necktie, 1 jewelry, 2 socks, 3 ladies shoes, 3 hats, 1 hanging suitcasses, 1 nitegown, 1 croc's shoes on 7/7/11.

Demetria Washington received food, 1 queen sheet set, 2 pillowcases, 1 handtowel, 1 bath towel, 2 ladies scarves, 1 throw, 1 jeans, 11 shirts, 1 pants, 4 books, 1 girls skirt, 1 ladies shorts, 3 ladies purses, 1 binder, 1 pants on 7/7/11.

Nicole Thomas received food on 7/7/11.

Karla Moncravie received 1 ladies dress, 1 ladies top, 1 ladies capri, 2  ladies pants, 2 baby jackets, 1 baby shirt, 1 baby jeans, 1 girls sweater jacket, 3 girls t-shirt, 1 baby socks on 7/7/11. 

Denise Griffith received food, 4 pants, 4 tops, 1 skirt, dress, 1 capris, 3 jeans, 1 top, 2 hoodies on 7/6/11.

Samantha Wiest received 7 baby shirts, 7 baby one-pieces, 1 baby pj's, 2 baby jeans, 3 baby pants, 4 shirts, 3 Baby shirts, 3 L. shirts, and 1 L. suit on 7/6/11.

Tamica Thomas received food, 2 womens pants, 2 childrens handbags, 8 childrens books, and 5 toys on 7/6/11.

Carmen Rios received food and clothing, a basket, 1 pillow, 1 pants, 1 top, 1 stuffed animal, 1 jewelry, a container, 4 barretts, and 1 can on 7/6/11.

On 7/6/11, Ana Munoz received a spatula, food, and 3 books.

Josephine "J.J." Simms received drapes, hanging file folders, 7 ladies' shorts, 2 skirts, 1 dress w/jacket, 7 skirts, 1 skirt w/blouse set, 2 dozen hangers, and 2 mini blinds on 7/6/11.

Autumn Peck received 5 women's slacks, 1 beach bag, 1 women's polo shirt, dozen med. diapers, candy, 2 boys' toddler shirt, 1 Snuggie, 1 handbag, 1 toddler boy's slippers, and 1 purse on 7/6/11.

Nancy Hancock received 2 handbags, 3 belts, a book, a formal dress, a ladies shirt, a knife and spatula, and a ladies short set on 7/5/11.

Yolanda Harris received food, 4 mens shirts, and 3 handbags on 7/5/11.

Maria Elias received a baby girl top, 2 baby girl sweaters, 2 baby girl dress/short sets, 2 baby girl dresses, a pr of ladies tights, a baby booster seat, a toy, and a baby book on 7/5/11.

Corena Autaubo received 2 pr of wmns shoes, 3 wmns bathing suits, a boys cap, a pr of boys jeans, a pr of shorts, a tool pouch, food, and 2 books 7/5/11.