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Rab Rab's Birthday Club
Allowing Children to Celebrate Their Special Day


All of us are "KIDS AT HEART" so we are forming a "Birthday Club" for Children of Single Mothers so that NO CHILD will be WITHOUT on their "SPECIAL DAY OF CELEBRATING ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE"

Benefits of being a member of Rab Rab's Birthday Club: 

  • Recognized on Web-Site
  • Receive Balloons and Birthday Cake
  • Picture posted on Rab Rab's Birthday Club
  • Recognize you in our Monthly Newsletter
  • Bag of Goodies

If you are a Single Mother and you want to sign up your children to become a part of the "BIRTHDAY CLUB" call the office at 405-286-3700 and request that a registration form be sent to you or print out form here and send in to Bethel.

GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU - SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH THAT I WANT YOU TO JOIN RAB RAB'S BIRTHDAY CLUB SO E-MAIL ME AT bethelfoundation@cox.net and ask for your REGISTRATION FORM so when your Birthday rolls around RAB RAB will have something sooooooo very SPECIAL FOR YOU!!!!!!! Remember RAB RAB LOVES YOU.