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Toni Dodson rcvd clorox, food, G shirts-2, short, L pants-7, shirt-7, stuffed animals-2, toys-4, L shorts-1, L shoes-1, hat, G socks-4, books-10, pj bottoms-1, cards-1, purse, elmo toy-1 on 8.31.11.

Felicia Smith rcvd clorox, food, L pant, tank top, skirt, G shirt-4, dress, pant, shoes-1, purse, tea set, stuffed animals-2, G socks-4, puzzle, vase, sewing machine, candle holder, decanter, balloons-1, game cards (fish), glass dish, coaster, clock, purse, micro speakers, tray on 8.31.11.

Shaquilla Willis rcvd clorox, food, stuffed animals-2, L pant suit, dress, skirt, slacks-3, blazer-2, jeans-2, shoes, G 2 piece outfits-7, socks-4 on 8.31.11.

Zoraya Delossantos rcvd clorox, shoes-1, B jean jacket-1, B pants-2, B g sweater dress-2, B g shorts-1, G purse-1 and book on 8.30.11.

Margarita Meraz rcvd clorox, M shoes, G shoes, G sweater, G one piece outfit-4, M jacket and G pj's on 8.30.11.

Channel Manuel rcvd clorox, food, L suit jacket-3, shirt, dress, slacks-3, shoes-2, hat, belts-3, apron and books-3 on 8.30.11.

Daisy Fields rcvd food, clorox, L shoes-3, blazers-1, shirts-4, suit jacket-12, skirt, on 8.30.11.

Terrie Archer rcvd food, clorox, camisole-2, jacket-1, doll-1, G shirt-5, pants-2, L shirt-1, shorts-2, skirt-1, purse-1, pillow-1, L panties-1, B underwear, socks-3, candle holder, vase, and book on 8.30.11.

Elizabeth Anderson rcvd food, clorox, formula (can), training pants-2, and toys-4 on 8.30.11.

Lisa Bradford rcvd clorox, food, cups-2, suit jacket-2, makeup bag, book and picture frame on 8.29.11.

Sheila Agora rcvd clorox and food on 8.29.11.

Amber Cooper rcvd baby bouncer, shoes, onesies-4, boy outfit-5, blanket, vinyl pads-2, girls purse, monkey, book, clorox on 8.29.11.

Laquetta Goudeau rcvd clorox, food, hats-3, blocks set-1, and water color paints on 8.29.11.

Jenny Stanley rcvd Clorox, food on 8.29.11.

Summer Chisolm rcvd clorox, food, L sho-1, B shoe-1, B pants-5, skirt-1, socks-4, bathing suit-1, pic frame-1, hanging plates w/rock on 8.29.11.

Maria Garcia rcvd food and clorox on 8.29.11.

Carmen Rios rcvd clorox, food, L blouse-6, lunch box-1, J picture-1, musical toy, mugs-2 and cross-1 on 8.29.11.

Jackie Sommers rcvd clorox, food, B t shirts-3, toys-2, book, underpads-2, socks on 8.29.11.

Cherise Pendleton rcvd clorox, vinyl pad-2, binders-2 on 8.25.11.

Portia Love rcvd clorox, glass vase, glass stemmed dish, L blouse-2, jacket-2; photo frames-3, L skirts-2 on 8.25.11.

Amber Ballard rcvd clorox, L shirt, Baby pj, hat, truck and ball and boy thermal on 8.25.11.

Miayi Mathis rcvd food, clorox, bg slippers-1, G shoes-1, toys-5, Bb outfits-3, onesies-6, B pants-1, B shorts-1, G shorts-14, G pjs-1, outfits-4, pj top; underpads-3, purse-1, L shorts-2 on 8.25.11.

Kevin Kelley rcvd food, clorox, B pants-1 on 8.25.11.

Sherri Spears rcvd clorox, food, L shoes-2, robe, shorts-2, slacks-2, dress-1, underpads-4, bra-1, lucite pitcher, coffee pot, dip and chip holder, salad bowl, stoneware pot, blankets, curlers-1 pkg on 8.25.11.

Quinetta Foy rcvd food, diapers, wipes, clorox, lamp, Japanese doll, barbie dolls-7, queen comforter, dress, L slacks-3, shirts-3; G socks-8, B shirt, underpads-2, L jeans-1, leather computer case, Bb outfit-2 piece: 4, B g outfit, 2 piece: 1; G dress-3, onesies-6, G pj's-2, baby bathrobe, L shoes-2, photo stand-1 on 8.24.11.

Melinda Pittman rcvd clorox, food on 8.24.11.

Sharette Morrison rcvd clorox, food, B shorts-4, tshirts, B shoe-1, B hats-3, DHS movie, book, stuffed animals-2 on 8.23.11.

Taneka Harris rcvd clorox, food, shoes, flat iron, boys jeans-1, pj's, shirts-3, belt-1, socks-1, G shirt, L dress, top; and board game on 8.23.11.

Nicole Heath rcvd Clorox, curling iron, nail polish, lipstick, eye liner, Hello Kitty Camera Kit, B tshirts-2, scrubs-1, Bg socks-5, King bottom sheet/duvet cover on 8.23.11.

Vickie Heath rcvd clorox, L shirts-4, B mist, lipstick-3, eye shadow-1, L slippers, shorts-2, pants-3, shoes; backpack-1, pillow, scrubtops-2, L shirts-1, G pants; eye shadow set-1, lip gloss-1 on 8.23.11.

Pricalla Smith rcvd clorox, wipes, L shirt-2, capri, B tshirt-2, pj's-2; rug, scrubs-1 and L pants on 8.23.11.

Dadra Jones rcvd clorox, wipes, cub music box, rattle-2, Boy one piece outfit-9, L shoe, book, hat-2 on 8.23.11.

Davietta Penn rcvd food, clorox, L jeans-4 on 8.23.11.

Micha Shoemaker rcvd clorox, wipes, food, baby food, M t -shirt-2, B boy-4, formula-1, B food-5 on 8.22.11.

Justine Rigby rcvd food, L jean, swater, jacket, shirt, pant, skirt; B socks-10, p.j.'s-2, jacket&pants sets-3, G shirt & pants set-3, dress-2 and purse on 8.22.11.

Angela Camacho rcvd clorox, food, teacups-2, picture frames, L shoes-2, scrubs, party outfit, B shorts-3, pant, Baby blankets-2, B pants-2, L shirt, skirt-9, jacket, pants-4, B socks-2, King dust ruffle, hangers-1 doz, and baby toy on 8.22.11.

Randi Boothe rcvd clorox, m&m's, doz sizt 5 diapers, wipes, toy helmet, pj's, outfit, baby pillow and book on 8.22.11.

Adriane Bellard rcvd clothes, food, clorox, kitchen toy, elmo steering wheel, G shirt, diapers-1 doz, and baby wipes on 8.22.11.

Natasha Washington rcvd food, clorox, G 2 pic outfits-2, shirts-6, coozies-2, G socks-5, panties-4, toddler car seat on 8.22.11.

Demetria Washington rcvd food, clorox, L shirts-3, L pants on 8.22.11.

Natasha Hawkins rcvd food, clorox, G socks-2, L blouse, small drinking cup, G skirt-1, G p.m.-2, on 8.22.11.

Beverly Smith rcvd clorox, food, men's shirt-8, pants-8, Ladies short, shirt-11, Girls skirt, L pants-3, belt, Boys shoes-1, Girls shoes-1 on 8.22.11.

Ella Jackson rcvd clorox, soap dish, lotion dispenser-2, cake tote, L shoes-1, dress, shirt-5, pants, jacket-2, pants and skirt on 8.18.11.

Chatina Morrison rcvd clorox, wipes, books-2, dora doll, stroller bag, L shirt-1, pant; socks-1, wallet, B g jacket and sleeper-333, sleeper, L pants-1 and jeans on 8.18.11.

Elizabeth Anderson rcvd food, clorox, wipes, diapers-1 doz, B g outfit (pants and shirt)-4, shirt-4, jacket-1, shoes-1; Y M shirt-1; G sundress-1, Baby bottles (liners)-5, sippy cups-2, Crazy hats-2, G shirt-4, jeans-1, L skirt, G hoodie-1, L tank top, L shirt-2, B g socks-1, belt-1, swim suit-2, G panties-2, L leggings-1, purse-1, lunch bag, salad bowl with tongs, and G shoes-1 on 8.18.11.

Quakneesha White rcvd clorox, food, L shirt-2, L jewelry-1, shoes-2 on 8.17.11.

Yolanda Russell rcvd food, L shirts-6, basket, serving bowl, L skirt, jacket, dress pant, ; G shirts-3, dress, and shoes; and books-5 on 8.17.11.

Brooke Mooney rcvd Clorox, food, vinyl pads-2 on 8.17.11.

Ralphalita McIntosh rcvd Clorox, wipes, B b short-2. onesie-4, pant-3, overalls-1 and shoes-1 on 8.16.11.

Gloria Paredes rcvd clorox, wipes, toddler Girl panties-3, and 2 stuffed animals on 8.16.11.

Jennifer Camp rcvd clorox, wipes, onesies-8, B g shoe, pants-3; L suit, tank top-3, jacket-4, dress-2, top-5, shoe, dress pants-3, skirt; and G shoes-1 on 8.16.11.

Peggy Seals rcvd clorox, wipes, diaper-dozen-2, formal gown-3, 2 doz diapers; L skirt, belts-4, scarf-4, B b shoes-1, B g overalls-1, sleeper-3, toys-4, M shirts-3, swim suit-2, scrubs-3, B g tights-7, socks-7, gloves-3, boxer-2, pants-3, bibs-2, book on 8.16.11.

Tamethia Barnes rcvd food on 8.16.11.

Mary Jackson rcvd food, clorox, L suit-2, jean, shoes-3, jacket-4; swim suit-2; L shirt-3, pant, skirt; books-4, angel figurine, and rubic cube box on 8.16.11.

Dadra Jones rcvd clorox, baby wipes, salad dressing, spices, M&Ms, L evening dress, shoes-1; Bg hoodie, pants outfit-4; sleeper-1, onesie-3; Bg dress-3, L shirt, underpad-2, Bg shoes on 8.15.11.

Bobbi Trejo rcvd clorox, salad dressing, spices, M&M's, B shirt, G shirts-3, L dress, G dress, vinyl pads-2, sash, hair tie, sandals-1, belt, purse, shoes-1 and 3 books on 8.15.11.

Jamie Tyler rcvd clorox, salad dressing, spices, m&m's, shirts-5, and Ladies shirts on 8.15.11.

Maria Robledo rcvd food, deodorant, clorox, L shorts-1, M shirts-2, L skirt-1, sock-1, boxes-2, curtain-1, spanx-2, doll, L shirt-4, shoes-2, g shirt-3 and lid cover on 8.15.11.

Melissa Greene rcvd food, deodorant, clorox, wipes, dozen diapers, arm floatees-2, L hoodie, shorts, dress; Bg shorts-2, socks-9, pants, hats-2; sleepers-7; Bg hoodie and pants-1, dress-2, pants-1, hoodie-1, hoodie/shirt/pants-1, swim suit-1, baby shirts-3, burp cloths-2; Bg panties-3, underpads-3, breast pump on 8.15.11.

April Miller rcvd clorox, deodorant, wipes, stuffed animals-2, L shirt-5, dolls-3, legos, L shorts-2, skirt; G jeans-1, shirts-5, skirt, shoes; swimsuit; L pant and shorts-1; G dress, silverware set-1 and 3-pc corning cookware on 8.15.11.

Sandra Johnson rcvd clorox, deodorant, wipes, food, dozen ex lg diapers,belt-1, shirt, L robe and top, and a hat on 8.15.11.

Khwema Missanga rcvd Clorox, deodorant, baby wipes, L shirts-3; pants-2; and shoes-1, B shirt, pant; and purse, socks-2, slippers-1, and shoes on 8.15.11.

Terrie Archer rcvd clorox, deodorant, curtains, bras-2, rug, throw, table runner, underpads-2, purse-2, books-2, drapes-1, alarm clock, L shirt-2, marbles, tin container, L shorts-2 and Pants-1, on 8.11.11.

Candace Wright rcvd clorox, deodorant, baby wipes, onesies-14, b g pants-10, b washcloths-4, bg jacket-2, bg shirts-1, bg sleeping bag, b g outfit-2, 12 diapers and wipes, underpads-2, booties-8, b g hats-3, bg head band-1, blankets-3, baby dish, bumper pads-1, rug, dust ruffles, laundry basket, wall decor-3 on 8.11.11.

Melissa Long rcvd clorox, deodorant, baby wipes, b bumper pads, dust ruffle, b blanket, b pink throw rug, diapers-1 dozen, changing pad, receiving blankets-3, vinyl pads-2, baby outfits-2, b dress-2, b sweater, onesie-10, b shirts-5, b food-2, ladies jeans-3, food on 8.11.11.

Anastasia Hawks rcvd clorox, deodorant, b boy pants-7, b boy shirts-5, b boy shoes-1, underbed pads-2, L skirts-2, L pant, b boy socks-5, toy cars-3, and a book on 8.11.11.

Misty Dunton rcvd food, clorox, deodorant and 3 shirts on 8.11.11.

Demetria Washington rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, 2 saucepans, 1 dutch oven, 2 framed pictures, slacks-2 and shorts on 8.11.11.

Michelle Espinosa rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, b shirts-2, and shoes-1 on 8.10.11.

LaDonna Stafford rcvd deodorant, clorox, g pants-2, jacket-2, girls shirts-6, g shorts-1, b tshirt, capri pant, m jacket, belt, l jean, pencil holder, picture frame, men jeans-2, stuffed animals-2, l jeans-3, l shirt, g tights-5 on 8.10.11.

Harvey Smith rcvd food, clorox, deodorant and M shirts-3 on 8.9.11.

Regina Sadler rcvd clorox, deodorant, food, socks-baby, 7; kids socks-6; scrubs set-1; picture frame, candle holder-3, pj pants-2, G shorts-6, L top on 8.9.11.

Kimberly DeSpain rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, g dress-1, g jacket, L shirts-3, kids shirts-3 on 8.9.11.

Marisol Angeles Sanchez rcvd clorox, deodorant, food, ladies shoes, L blouse, L dress, L suit on 8.9.11.

Marisol Jackson rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, b boy one piece outfits-3, b shirt-4, L gown, B hat, B jeans, Purse-3, L skirt, tank top, dress, toaster, L shoes, B shoes-2, 3 under pads, 2 baby food plates on 8.9.11.

Judi Heflin rcvd clorox, deodorant, food, L jeans-1, L t shirt-4, L tank top-2, and L skirt-1 on 8.9.11.

Natasha Washington rcvd clorox, deodorant, food, vinyl pads-2, kids knee pads, kids shorts-2, kids' skirt-1, kids shirt, Ladies jeans-1, Qt roasting pan on 8.9.11.

Elizabeth Smith rcvd food, clorox, deodorant and bed pads-2, on 8.9.11.

Starla Impson rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, wipes, blanket-2, bg onesies-8, g sweater-1, g shirt-1, b boy shirt, training pants, b shoes-1, and a high chair on 8.9.11.

Rebecca Sharp rcvd clorox, deodorant, diapers-1 doz, boys pants, boys shirt-2, ladies suit-2, ladies shorts-2, ladies jeans-1, ladies shirts-2, ladies dress-1, ladies boots-1, baby bibs-5, baby socks-6, b shoes-1, b bath towels-2, b burp rags-2, b bows-3, b outfits-8, b pants-2, b shirts-6, b sweaters-3, b dress-1, b onesie-7, b pants-4, b tub, b carrier on 8.8.11.

Donetta Loudermilk rcvd Clorox, deodorant, Vase, M&M's, girls shorts-2, girls pants-2, girls shirts-8, ladies skirt-2, ladies shirt, and cookie sheet on 8.8.11.

Ebony Whiting rcvd clorox, deodorant, L shirt, L capri, G shirts-4 on 8.8.11.

Penny Edwards rcvd clorox, food, deodorant, baby shoes-2, girls shirts-4, girls jeans-1, B-3, Boys pants, L shirt-1, L pants-1, L shorts-2, cook book-1, books-3, and swim floatees on 8.8.11.

Laura Cantrell rcvd deodorant and clorox on 8.8.11.

Liz Massey rcvd 3 shirts, 2 L pants, 2 L pants, food, clorox, and deodorant on 8.8.11.

Latrice Steele rcvd food, clorox, deodorant and a hat on 8.4.11.

Latisha Richmond rcvd Clorox, deodorant, baby wipes, food, baby clothes-3, b bibs-3, b socks-7, b shoes-1, barbie bag, diapers-1 doz on 8.4.11.

Candace Wright rcvd Baby girl bouncy seat, blanket, 2 pjs, 3 outfits, 3 bottles on 8.4.11.

Josephine Simms rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, l shoes, 3 shoes, casserole holder, 3 belts, l slacks-1, l shirts-6, l gowns-2, 2 toy trucks, 1 dozen hangers on 8.4.11.

Christina Mapp rcvd clorox, deodorant, food, girls shirts-4, g jacket, g jeans-1, girls dresses-2, g bra-1, g headband-1, g scarf, 2 barbies, 1 blender, 4 utensils, and 1 small tray on 8.4.11

Regina Watson rcvd clorox, deodorant, 5 books, ladies slacks-2, ladies suit-1, ladies jacket-1, ladies shoes-1 on 8.4.11.

Shayla Mckissic rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, coffee pot, vinyl pads-2, strainer, tortilla box, knife sharpener, flour tortilla, girls shorts-1, girls tank top, womens pants, ladies shorts, baby dolls-4, toy trucks-2 on 8.3.11.

Regina Minnifield rcvd 2 dozen diapers/wipes on 8.3.11.

Tamara Moaning rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, l skirt vest, l t shirt-2, l tank top, scarf, swim suit top in 8.3.11.

Michelle Colbert rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, chess, toilet cover lid-1, capri, pj pants, L shirt, slip, angel food cake pan, and L pants on 8.3.11.

Julia Piper rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, diapers-1 doz, wipes, shirt-5, pants-3, dress, bg hoodie-1, jeans-1, purse-1, shoes-3, l jeans, l shirt-3, l sweater, and under pads-2 on 8.2.11.

Shareka Cary rcvd food on 8.2.11.

Brionna Chess rcvd food, cloox, deodorant, bg shirt-2, bg pants-5, bg dress, bg jeans-1, l jacket-4, l shirts-11, l pants, bg socks-4, bg pants-2 and g shoes-2 on 8.2.11.

Christina White rcvd clorox, deodorant, dozen dipers/wipes, l slacks-3, dress-2, bg outfit, bg sleeper, bg jacket-2, bed pad-2, 3 belts, l jacket, l shirt-2, shoes-1 and boots-2 on 8.2.11.

Sarah McWilliams rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, b shirts-3, b jeans-2, b jacket, b shoes-2, b hooded jacket, b shirts-2, b outfits, l shoes and 5 suffed animals and 1 puzzle and 7 books on 8.2.11.

Summer Chisolm rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, 5 towels, b jacket, l shirt, b jeans-2, l skirt, l shoes-2, baseball cap-2, mug, band b shorts on 8.2.11.

Tabitha Williams rcvd food, clorox, deodorant diapers x 2, 1 l pant, 1 B vest,  1 BB sleeper, 5 BB one pieces, stuffed animal, 2 B shorts,5 B shirt and snuggie headrest on 8.1.11.

Trista Ferguson rcvd 1 ladies hooded jacket, 2 l shirts, 2 l slacks, 2 l shorts and clorox and deodorant on 8.1.11.

Shalonda Edmondson rcvd clorox, deodorant, l robe, 4 g pants, 1 g jeans, 1 g dress, and 2 g shirts on 8.1.11.

Ashley Cochren rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, scrub set-1, 4 L slacks, 2 l shorts, 4 socks, 6 l shirts, 1 salad bowl, picture frame, and 4 socks on 8.1.11.

Vickie Heath rcvd food, 3 g shoes, g head band, 13 g shirts, 1 notebook binder, 1 g shorts, ladies pant, 3 bras, 1 g slippers, 1 g boxers, 2 scrub tops; 2 scrub bottoms; 3 socks, cup and 3 hair bands on 8.1.11.

Luz Huerta rcvd food, 3 shorts, 1 shoes, B pants, 3 baseball caps, mask and sunglasses on 8.1.11.

Marisol Huerta rcvd food, 2 pants, 4 shirts and 2 shoes on 8.1.11.

Allysea McCauley rcvd food, clorox, deodorant on 8.1.11.

Quakneesha White rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, an all weather coat, jeans, a short and 3 G hoodies on 8.1.11.

Carolyn Flynn rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, 5 slacks, 1 L dress, 6 L shorts, and 1 L skirt on 8.1.11.

Yolanda Russell rcvd food, clorox, deodorant, L jeans-1, 7 G shirts, 3 YM shirts, 1 B pant, 1 computer suitcase, and 4 L shirts on 8.1.11.