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Bethel Foundation



Chantina Morrison received personal hygiene supplies, 1-bib, 1-headband, 1-christmas stocking, 1-snowman, 1-lunchbag, 1-baby girl dress, 2- baby girl shirts, 3-ladies pajama pants, 2-ladies shirt, 1-ladies sweater, 1-pair of ladies shoes, and 1-pair of baby girl shoes on 12.01.11.


Lakeisha Alexander received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1-diaper bag, 5-onesies, 4-sleepers, 1-bib, 1-rattle, 4-ladies sweaters, and 5-ladies pants on 12.01.11.


Britainy Anderson received personal hygiene supplies, 1-baby dresses, 3-baby shirts, 1-baby sweater, 7-baby pants, 2-baby onesies, 2-pair of boots, 6-girls pants/jeans, 2-girls shirts, 1-photo album, 1-book, 1-pair of goggles, 1-necklace,1-pair of earrings, 2-boxs, 3-jackets, 1-ladies shirt, 1-ladies dress, 1-teddy bear, 1-ladies pants, 1-hand towel, 1-ladies jeans, and 1-ladies ski pants on 12.01.11.

Luz Huerta received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1- mens pants, 10-mens shirts, 2-pair of mens shoes, 1-ladies jacket, 1-boys pants, sunglasses, puzzles, flower pot, and hat on 12.01.11.

Itzley Hurtado received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1-boys pajama's, 1-boys onesies, 1-ladies pants, 1-ladies shirts, 2-boys shirts, 1-mens shirt, 1-baby blanket, 3-onesies, 1-pair of baby boys pants, 1-bib, 1-baby boy shirt, and 1-ladies pants on 12.01.11.

Rueben Martinez received food, personal hygiene supplies, doll, 1-ladies suit, 1-ladies sweater, and 1-toy helicopter on 12.01.11.

Stephanie Roberson received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-girls jeans/pants, 1-pair of pajamas, 4 girls shirts, 1-doll, 1-teddy bear, and pots and pans on 12.01.11.

Candace Spears received food, personal hygiene supplies, 4-ladies sweaters, 2-ladies pants, and 1-ladies shirt on 12.05.11.

Sherri Spears received personal hygiene supplies, 3-pair of ladies shoes, 1 dozen of diapers, 1-girls shirt, 1-jacket, 1-girls dress, 1-boys shirt, 1-boys short set, 1-boys pants, 1-ladies robe, 1-ladies jacket, 1-pair of boys shoes, 1-ladies suit, 1-ladies shirt, potty seat, butterfly ornaments, 2-candle holders, coasters, picture frame, christmas blanket, christmas slippers, scarf, 3-gift bags, purse, and 2-pillows on 12.05.11.

Laura Schrimsher received on food, personal hygiene supplies, 1-baby girl coat, 1-ladies shirt, baby girl slippers, baby girl jeans, 1-ladies blouse, 3-pair of baby socks, 1-baby toy, 1-baby hat, 1-baby washcloth, 3-blankets, and 1-pair  of boys shoes on 12.05.11.


Terrie Archer received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-girls pants, 3-girls shirts, 4-girls sweaters, 1-ladies sleep wear, 1-belt, 3-mens shirts, 3-boys pants, 3-girls undergarments, 1-ladies undergarment, 3-christmas stockings, 2-tablecloths, and 2-placemats on 12.05.11.

Lavada Taylor received personal hygiene supplies, 5-ladies shirts, 3-boys shirts, 1-ladies undergarment, 4-christmas decorations, 1-cosmetic bag, 2-girls sweaters, 2-girls pants, 1-wallet, 1-penny bank, 4-dog statues, 1-toy truck, 2-vases, 1 snowman ornament and 1-boys belt on 12.05.11.

Sade Commander received food, personal hygiene supplies, toys, jewelry box, sleepwear, 4-ladies shirts, 2-ladies pajama shirts, and 2 books on 12.05.11.

Toni Williams received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1-pillow, 1-bag, 1-bow, 1-ladies shirt, sunglasses, 1-backpack, ladies blouse, 3-ladies sweaters, ladies skirt, and 1-boys shirt on 12.05.11.

Britany Wright received food, personal hygiene supplies, ladies pants, and 5-ladies shirts on 12.05.11.

Kera Norton received food, personal hygiene supplies, 3-books, 5-onesies, 6-baby girl sleepers, 1-christmas stocking, 1-set of christmas lights, 1-girls pajama set, 1-boys pajama set, 3-girls shirts, 3-boys socks, 2-toys, 1-purse, 1-bib, 1-baby washcloth, 2-bows, 3-ladies shirts, 1-girls pants, 2-boys pants, 3-mens shirts, 1-peguin statue, 3-pillow cases, 1-baby bottle and 3-baby blankets on 12.05.11.

Elois Carr received personal hygiene supplies on 12.05.11.

Andrianna Lewis received personal hygiene supplies on 12.05.11.

Donna Vaughn received food and personal hygiene supplies on 12.05.11.

Cynthia Alvarez received personal hygiene supplies, and 1-pair of ladies shoes on 12.05.11.

Elvia Hernandez received personal hygiene suipplies, 1-baby towel, 1-baby boy shirt, 3-baby boy sleepers, 1-onesie, baby blanket, changing table, 1-baby sheet, 3-hats, 2-coffee cups, wipe warmer, hangers, christmas wreath, silverware tray, and 1-pair of ladies shoes on 12.05.11.

Maria Robledo received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1-pair of ladies boots, 3-ladies pants, 1-ladies vest, 4-ladies sweaters, 1-santa decoration, 2-pillows and purse on 12.05.11.

Juana Carranza received food, personal hygiene supplies, pajamas, ladies shirts, 1-stuff animal, step stool, 3-mens shirts, ladies suit jacket, ladies vest, and 1-ladies sweater on 12.05.11.

Mellissa Greene received food, personal hygiene supplies. 5-baby girl sleepers, and 3-stuff animals on 12.05.11.

Maria Martinez received personal hygiene supplies, 4-toys, 2-pair of shoes, 1-ladies shirt and 1-ladies jacket on 12.05.11.

Paula Steele received personal hygiene supplies, 2-snowman ornaments and 3-giftbags on 12.06.11.

Natalie Brown received personal hygiene supplies, 4-baby girl onesies, 5-boys pants, 1-boys jacket, 1-girls hoodie, 2-girls dress, 4-girls jeans, 1-pair of girls shoes, baby boy booties/slippers, 3-ladies pants, 1-ladies jacket, 9-toys, 7-boys undergarments, 1-girls coats, 7-girls undergarments, girls tights, and 1-pair of gloves on 12.06.11.

Hali Owings received personal hygiene supplies, 2-boys shirts, 1-girls pajama set, 1-onesie and 2-pair of socks on 12.06.11.

Peggy Seals received personal hygiene supplies, 6-mens shirts, 1-mens hat, 1-backpack, 3-boys hoodies, 2-girls shirt, 1-girls coat, 2-girls hoodie, 1-girls vest, 2-girls pants, 1-book, 5-ladies shirts, 1-girls jeans, 2-pair of girls shoes, 2-baby bibs, 3-boys undergarments, 2-pair of girls tights, 5-boys socks, 9-ladies undergarments, 4-christmas stockings, 5-toys, 1-blanket and 4-mens undergarments on 12.06.11.

Magdalena Huerta received food, personal hygiene supplies 2-ladies jackets and 1-mens shirt on 12.06.11.

Deja Combs visited the Bethel Foundation on 12.06.11.

Jennifer Jensen received personal hygiene supplies, 1-pajama set, 1-outfit, 1-onesie, 1-ladies shirt and 3-books 12.06.11.

Cierra Jordan vistied the Bethel Foundation on 12.06.11.

Channel Manuel received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-ladies pajama pants, 1-ladies suit, 2-ladies shirt, 1-ladies suit jacket, 2-picture frames, 5-ornaments, 2-ladies hoodies, 2-books, and 1-bag pf bath toys on 12.07.11.

Ella Jackson received food, personal hygiene supplies, 3-ladies shirts, 6-ladies sweaters, 1-ladies coat, 4-boys shorts, 3-gift bags, and football padson 12.07.11.


Danielle Jackson received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1-doll, 3-toys, 5-boys undergarments, and 2-boys jeans on 12.07.11.

Tonya Bartz received food, and personal hygiene supplies on 12.07.11.

Aminah Jackson received food, personal hygiene supplies, christmas cards, 1-ladies belt, scarf, vhs tape, 4-hangers, and box of christmas ornaments on 12.07.11.

Mayeshah Newton received food, personal hygiene supplies, 4-boys pants, 1-pair of boys shoes, 1-pair of girls shoes, 1-ladies sweater, gloves, 1-girls hat, and 3-girls jeans on 12.07.11.

Shay Smith received food, personal hygiene supplies, twin sheet set, 1-pair of girls shoes, 1-pair of boys shoes, 2-mens shirts, 10-boys shirts, 5-girls shirts, 4-girls pants,2-girls dresses 4-mens undergarment, bath towel, 1-evening gown and 3-books on 12.07.11.


Vanessa Carr received personal hygiene supplies, 1-hand towel, 2-girls pajama sets,1-girls hoodie, 1-girls pants, 1-girls shirt, 1-toaster, 1-boys robe, 4-boys pants, 2-girls dresses, 2-girls jeans, 1-sleeper, 2-boys pants, 2-ladies shirts, 4-stuff animals, 3-ladies sweaters, 1-twin blanket and 1-ladies sleepwear on 12.08.11.

Brenda Fleming-Carruthers received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-boys t-shirts, 1-baby girl outfit, 2-onesie, 5-baby girl shirts, 3-baby girl sleepers, 1-baby girl pants, 9-ladies shirts, 1-ladies jacket, 1-mens shirt, 2-ladies pants, 1-girls sweater, 1-bow, 1-stuff animal, 1-picture frame and 1-candle holder on 12.08.11.

Dalila Silva received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-girls shirts, 1-girls dress, 1-girls vest, 2-girls jeans on 12.08.11.

Kamesha Murphy received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1- girls jogging suit, 3-pair of girls shoes, 1-twin sheet set, 1-girls sweater, and 2-girls jeans on 12.08.11.

Lynette Blanchey received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-ladies shirts, 1-ladies sweater, 2-purses, 1-pair of baby boy pants, 3-boys shirts, 1-stuff animal, 3-sippy cups, 2-fish ornaments, and 1-santa ornament on 12.08.11.

Susan Hill received food, personal hygiene supplies, wreath, potholder, stuff animal, snowman ornament, and 4-ladies shirts on 12.08.11.

Kionna Rucker received personal hygiene supplies, 6-cups, 1-santa ornament, 3-books, 1-jacket, 1-pair of ladies pants, and 1-skirt on 12.12.11.

Edwina R Mcintosh received food, personal hygiene supplies, 6-books, 1-gift box, 1-ornament, christmas lights, and ice tea maker on 12.12.11.

Raeko Barrow received food on 12.12.11

Sanoria Tate received food, personal hygiene supplies, christmas lights and 2-jackets on 12.12.11.

Kim Lynch received 1-sweater, 1-sleepwear, 9-shirts, and 1-pair of boots on 12.12.11.

Nancy Paredes received personal hygiene supplies, 1-blanket, 2-towels, 1-toy, christmas lights, 2-blouses, 2-coats, 1-skirt, 1-pair of jeans, 1-belt, 1-christmas stocking, 1-christmas ribbon, 1-ladies undergarment, and 1-pair of ladies shoes on 12.12.11.

Veola Crittendon received 2-candle holders, 2-towels, 1-candy dish, 1-apron, 3-shirts, 1-robe, 1-blouse, personal hygiene supplies, 1-wallet, 1-pair of shoes, 3-pair of socks, 4-baby jeans, 1-baby skirt outfit, 1-baby jacket, 1-guitar, 3-books, and 1-stuff animal on 12.12.11.

Darnell Commey received food, personal hygiene supplies, 4-books, 1-necklace, 2-blouses, 1-pair of pants, 1-boys shirt, 2-towels, 1-kitchen towel, and 2-picture frames on 12.12.11.

Kiamita Natt received food, personal hygiene supplies, candles, 1-baby boy sleeper,and 1-tie on 12.13.11.

Brandy Barker received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-towels, 4-girls shirts, 1-girls fleece set, 3-girls pants, 1-girls sleepwear, 1-bath robe, 1-pillow pet, 1-blanket, 1-sippy cup, and 2-pair of girls shoes on 12.13.11.


Laura Martinez received personal hygiene supplies, 2-towels, 3-headbands, 3-socks, 1-boys shirt, 1-baby girl shirt, 2-baby girl onesies, 1-baby girl jacket, 1-baby girl overalls, 1-baby girl sleeper, 4-blankets and 3-toys on 12.13.11.

Debra Ekpoh received 1-ladies pant suit, 1-ladies sweater, 1-ladies coat, 1-ladies robe, 1-ladies suit coat, 1-pair of ladies slacks, and personal hygiene supplies on 12.13.11.

Donetta Loudermilk received food, personal hygiene supplies, christmas lights, 5-girls shirts, 8-pair of girls jeans, 1-boys jacket, 1-girls jacket, princess pillow, elmo toy, 2-sundae cups, 1-purse, 1-picture frame, 1-ornament, 1-tablecloth, and 1-ladies shirt on 12.13.11.

Brionna Chess received food, personal hygiene supplies, 5-girls pants, 6-girls shirts, 3-pair of ladies jeans, 2-ladies jackets, 1-pair of ladies shoes, 8-girls undergarment, 2-pair of girls shoes, 2-pair of girls socks, 1-book, 1-cosmetic bag and christmas lights on 12.13.11.

Neilisha Williams received food, personal hygiene supplies, stuff animals, bike, 1-girls robe, 2-boys shirts, 1-boys pants, 2-pair of ladies shoes, 3-books, 2-toys, 2-ladies shirt, 2-ribbons, 1-puzzle, 1-shower curtain, 2-gift bags, 1-ladies jacket, 1-toaster, 1-christmas wreath, and 1-picture on 12.13.11.

Mikea Marzett received 2-pair of pants, 1-sweater, 1-jacket, 1-onesie, 1-jean dress, 1-blouse, personal hygiene supplies, food, 1-baby hat and 1-toy on 12.13.11.

Ida Goff received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-pair of ladies pants, 1-dress, 1-ladies shirt, and 2-bags on 12.14.11.

Thomasa Goff received 2-pair of shoes, personal hygiene supplies, 1-box of tree ornaments, 1-tree skirt, 1-pillow, 1-scarf, 1-belt, 1-sweater coat, 1-christmas pillow, 1-set of salt and pepper shakers, 1-picture frame, 1-address book, 1-purse, 1-sleepwear, 1-dress, 4-shirts, 2-pair of pants, 2-toys and 1-football on 12.14.11.

Gerladine Goff received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1-toy chest, 2-boys shirts, 4-pair of boys jeans, 1-ladies pajama set, 1-trash can, and 1-pair of ladies jeans on 12.14.11.

Zakiyyah Hearn received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-girls dress, 3-books, 1-pair of girls shorts, 1-pair of girls pants, and 3-girls shirts on 12.14.11.

Twyila Robins received food, personal hygiene supplies, 5-blouses, 1- pajama set, 2-toys, 1-sweater, and 1-jogging suit on 12.14.11.

Lurena Russell received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-jacket, 2-sweaters, 6-shirts on 12.14.11.

Patricia Thomas received personal hygiene supplies, 1-blanket, 1-set of sheets, 2-pillow cases, 2-pair of pants, 1-pajama set, and 7-books on 12.14.11.

Anita Brumley received food, personal hygiene supplies 1-pair of ladies jeans, 1-ladies sweater, 1-pair of ladies pants, 3-mens shirts, 1-small suitcase, 3-set of salt and pepper shakers, and purse on 12.14.11.

Portia Love received 1-christmas stocking, 1-candle, 1-picture frame, 3-ladies jacket, 1-ladies shirt, 3-ladies skirts, and 1-ladies dress on 12.15.11.

Christian Merritt received 1-baby swing, 2-dozens of diapers, 3- baby boy blankets, 3- baby boy shirts, 2- baby boy sweaters, 1-baby boy jumpers, 4-baby bumper pads, 4-baby bibs, 1-baby outfit, 4-baby bottles, 1-baby boy onesie, 2-baby washcloths, 1-bath towel, 4-toys, 1-diaper bag, 1-pacifier, 1-set of crib sheets and diaper changer on 12.15.11.

Brandi Muncy received food, 6-toys cars, 4-shirts, 1-sweater, 3-skirts, 1-pair of jeans, 1-sweat pants, 2-sweaters, 3-blouses, 1-pair of shoes, and 1-toy on 12.15.11.

Crystal Muncy received food, 1-vest, 1-backpack, 1-car set, 1-toy box, 2-jackets, 2-girls sleepwear, 1-train track, 1-pair of pants, and 2-shirts on 12.15.11.

Tanya Davis received food, 1-boys shirt, 1-skirt, 4-jeans, 1-pair of pants, 1-ladies shirt, 2-dolls, and 1-table on 12.15.11.

Mary Gaytan received food 4-sleepers, 2-hat 3-jackets, 2-pants, 1-set of pajama's, 3-blouses, 1-glove, 1-blanket, 1-girls jacket, and 2-pair of girls shoes on 12.15.11.

Missy Landis received food, 2-onesies, 1-baby blanket, 1-boys robe, 4-girls shirts, 2-pair of girls shoes, 3-burp cloths, and 3-baby booties on 12.15.11.

Lynda Kirk received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1-pair of ladies jeans, 4-ladies shirts, 4-blouses, 2-toys, and 1-pair of shoes on 12.15.11.

Peggy  Freeman received food, 1-girls jacket, 2-girls shirts, 1-pair of girls leggings, 2-barbie toys, 1-christmas ornament, 1-barbie car, 1-printer, and 1-kitchen set on 12.15.11.

Sadie Lane received food, 2-stuff animals, 1-baby blanket, 5-baby shirts, 1-baby sleeper, 1-jacket, 1-pair of pants, 2-pair of socks, and blanket on 12.15.11.

Christel Sewell received food, personal hygiene supplies, and 1-purse on 12.15.11.

Jeannaua Skylark received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1-hat, 4-books, 1-pair of gloves, 2-hats, 2-scarfs, 1-pair of pants, 1-blouse, 2-christmas ornaments, and 3 plates on 12.15.11.

Tashia Cherry received 1-onesie, 1-jacket and 1-pair of shoes on 12.19.11.

Candace Wright received 3-pair of socks, 1-diaper bag and 2-pair of ladies pants on 12.19.11.

Ida May Rollins received 1-diaper bag, 2-toy cars, 3-pair of shoes, 2-burp cloths, 1-t-shirt, 2-onesies, and 1-pair of pants on 12.19.11.

Shadocka Stone received 1-comforter, 1-coat and 1-book on 12.19.11.

LaCretia Woods received food, 2-girls jackets, 4-girls dresses, 1-girls skirt, 1-picture frame, 1-cd case, 1-candleholder, 3-toys, 1-sheet set, pots and pans, and sliverware on 12.19.11.

Ladonna Stafford received food, 2-girls jackets, 5-ladies skirts, 2-boys jackets, 1-pair of boys jeans, 2-bath towels, 5-pair of socks, 1-ladies undergarments, 2-pair of shoes, 1-christmas stocking, 1-pair of sunglasses, 1-toy truck, and 1-dvd on 12.20.11.

Berneta Spinner received food, 4-toys, blocks, 1-doll, 1-santa ornament and 1-snowman ornament on 12.20.11.

Christi Stafford received food, 1-blanket, 1-quilt, 1-jacket, 1-ladies top and pants, 7-undergarments, and 2-gift bags on 12.20.11.

Tina Thomas received food, 1-jacket, 1-belt, 1-undergarment, 1-dollhouse, 1-pillow, 1-dove ornament, and 3-pillowcases on 12.20.11.

Christina Mapp received food, 1-dollhouse, 4-bowls, 2-toys, 1-girls sweater, 1-girls dress, 1-ladies pajama set, 1-ladies sweater, christmas bags, 2-pair of jeans, 1-pair of pajama pants, 1-skirt, 3-sweaters, 1-ladies dress, and 1-lego bag on 12.20.11.

Karen Pair received food, 1-toy, 2-girls dresses, 4-girls shirts, 5-boys shirts, 1-pair of jeans, 2-toy trucks, 1-doll, and water pitcher on 12.20.11.

Kellye Duckett received 2-toys and 5-boys shirts on 12.20.11.

Nicole Heath received food, 1-girls jogging set, 1-doll, 1-ladies shirt, 7-pair of baby girl socks, 2-undergarments, 1-bag, and personal hygiene supplies on 12.20.11.

Laquetta Recale received food, 1-boys jacket, 1-girls jacket, 4-boys shirts, 2-pair of boys shoes, 2-pair of girls shoes, 1-ladies shirt, 1-boys vest, 2-pair of boys pants, and 4-ladies t-shirts on 12.20.11.

Anita McCarthur visited the Bethel Foundation on 12.20.11.

Vickie Heath received food, 4-ladies shirts, 1-ladies jacket, 1-queen sheet set, 1-purse, and 2-christmas boxes on 12.20.11.

Marsha Robertson received food, 1-pair of ladies sweats, 1-ladies shirts, and 1-queen sheet set on 12.21.11.

Brandi Mathis received food fon 12.21.11.

Liz Massey received food, 3-pair of boys jeans, 1-ladies sweater, and 3-pair of boys socks on 12.21.11.

Barbara Thomas received food on 12.21.11.

Patricia Pope received food, 1-ladies pajama set, 1-ladies blouse, 4-ladies shirt, 2-ladies sweaters, 1-ladies jacket and 6-toys on 12.21.11.

Shay Smith received food, 2-baby girl dresses, 3-baby girl sleepers, 5-baby girl pants, personal hygiene supplies, undergarments, 2-baby girl outfits, 1-baby gitl snowsuit, 2-pair of girls shoes, 4-stuff animals, 2-ladies sweaters, 1-step stool and 1 suit case on 12.21.11.

Robiana Jackson received food, diaper bag, 2-pair of socks, 1-headband, 1-toy car, 1-ladies sweater, 1-pair of jeans, and 1-baby toy on 12.21.11.

Erika Porterfield received food, 2-pair of shoes, 8-ladies shirts, 1-ladies suit jackson, 2-santa ornaments, 1-bag, 1-door decoration, 1-coat rack, 1-wall decoration, 1-tree skirt, 2-boys jackets and 2-toys on 12.21.11.

Janae Bush received food, 2-toys, 1-pair of shoes, 2-shirts, and 1-pair of pants on 12.21.11.

Melissa Violette received food, 4-blouses, 3-toys, 1-vest, 1-gift bag, wrapping paper, 3-sweaters, 1-ladies shirt, 1-ladies sweater, 1-sippy cup, 1-mens shirt, 2-pair of mens pants, 1-mens vest, 1-box and vitamins on 12.21.11.

Earlisa Bush received food, 1-belt, 1-ladies dress, 1-ladies necklace, and 1-electrical cord on 12.21.11.

Nikkita Grant received food, 2-pair of boys jeans, 5-girls shirts, 1-girls coat, 1-booster seat, 1-dress, 3-ladies shirt, 2-ladies sweaters, 3-pair of ladies shoes, 1-christmas box, 1-christmas card, 6-toys, and 1-glitter tree 12.22.11.

Eida Sampson received 1-girls dress, 1-girls sweater, and 1-pair of girls shoes on 12.22.11.

Angela Aunquoe received food, 1-buzzing cow, 1-lady bug, 1-suitcase, 1-basketball, 4-ladies shirts, 1-pair of girls jeans, 1-bag, 1-picture cube, 1-christmas tree, cards, 2-ice cream cups, graph paper, boxes, 1-hat, clothes pins, 2-mens t-shirt, and 2-pair of ladies shoes on 12.22.11.

Penny Edwards received food, 4-ladies shirts, 1-stuff animal, 3-toy trucks, 1-toy guitar and 1-pop-up wedge on 12.22.11.

Tamethia Barnes received food, 1-doll, 1-coloring book, 2- pair of socks, 1-ladies shirt, 1-boys shirt, 1-boys hoodie, 1-girls shirt, and 1-pair of girls jeans on 12.22.11.

Misha Hummingbird received food, 2-pair of girls shoes, 1-boys shirt, 4-girls shirts, 1-boys jacket, 1-boys pajama set, 1-ladies belt, 1-ladies scarf, 1-ladies sweater, 1-ladies shirt, 2- pair of boys socks, 1-sippy cup, 1-picture frame, 1-book, 1-dvd cable, 2-small cups, and 1-baby toy on 12.22.11.

Rebecca Wilson received food, 5-pair of boys pants, 2-boys jacket, 1-boys shirt, 1-girls dress, 1-girls jacket, 1-girls  pajama set, 1-girls jean jacket, 1-girls coat, 1-baby boy snowsuit, 8-boys undergarments, 1-belt, 3-pair of mittens, 3-pair of shoes, 1-picture frame, 2-bibs,1-plate, 1-wine box, 1-santa ornament, 1-banana tree, 1-christmas tree, 2-stuff animals and 1-backpack on 12.22.11.

Courtney Brown received food, baby formula, baby food, 1-bib, 3-ladies shirts, 3-pair of booties, 1-hat, 1-purse, 1-baby boy jacket, 1-baby boy sweater, 2-blankets, and 2-pair of ladies pants, on 12.22.11.

Vanessa Brown received food, 1-pair of boys pants, 3-pair of boys socks, 1-boys blanket, 2-ladies shirts, 1-ladies sweater, and 2-toys on 12.22.11.