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Bethel Foundation



  Onesty Jemison received food, 3 baby boy shirts, 1 baby boy jacket, 5 shirts, 2 pants on 11.01.11

 Eida Sampson received food, baby food, 1 baby girl shirt, 1-baby girl pant, 1- baby girl outfit, 2-baby girl dresses, 1 baby girl jacket, 3- girls shirts, 2- girls sweaters, 2- girls hoodies, 1- girls sleeper, 1 boys shirt, 1 boys hoodie, 2- shirts, 1- sweater, 1- pair of jeans, 1- pair of shoes on 11.01.11

  Kera Norton received food, containers, candle holder, toys, vase, oneies, bib, blankets, purse, mugs, 1 jacket on 11.01.11

 Karli Cook received food, shirts, toys, baby dress, pants, mug, washcloth, 7 books , picture frame, small grill, doll, girl shirts, shoes, humidifier on 11.01.11

 Latrice Henderson received food, sweater, one outfit, jeans, shirt, skirt, pants on 11.01.11


 Shamekia Cooper received food, boy shirt, boy jacket, sweater on 11.01.11


 Aminah Jackson received shoes, 1-boy hoodie, 1-boy jacket, 3-boy shirts, 1-robe, 1-girl hoodie, 2-girl dresses, 2-girl pants, 2-girl shirts, 2-pants, 2-hats, 2-earrings, 1-pizza pan, 1-atari game, 1-mug, hangers on 11.2.11  
 Rhonda Reed received 3-socks, 5-shirts, 3-jackets, 1-dress, 1-sweater on 11.2.11
 Lorie Newman received food, towel set, dish set, 2-pair of shoes, 3-hats, 2-girl fleeces, girl pj pants, 10-shirts, 2-jackets, 1-coat, pj pants, 5-pair of jeans, 4-blouses, 3-throws on 11.2.11
 Tina woods received food, 2-girl coats, girl boots, 6-boy pants, 4-boy shirts, 2-girl jeans, 4-girl shirts, 1-sweater on 11.2.11
 Andrea Blackard received food, 1-sleeper, 1-pjs, 3-sports bras, 2-pant suits, 1-shirt on 11.3.11
 Natalie Brown received food, fleece, girl jacket, boy jacket, babyboy jacket w/pants, boy jacket, shoes, babyboy shirt, baby pants,baby shirts, boy pants, boy hoodie, boy shirts, girl dress, girl jacket, girl pjs, girl shirts, girl sweater, boy pjs, girl hoodie, girl pants, outfit, shirts, and pants on 11.3.11
 Shay Smith received boy hoodies, girl dresses, boy shirts, boy pants, girl pants, girl outfit, girl shirts, girl sweater, boy overalls, boy winter boots, shirt, jacket, and jeans on 11.3.11
 Becky Parker received baby food, car seat, toys, babyboy hat, babyboy shirt, babyboy sleepers, shirt, jacket, and pants on 11.3.11

 Charlisa Hill received 1-blanket, 1-hoodie, 4-pants, and 1-shirt on 11.3.11

Kanesha Bizzel received 1-vest, 5-pants, boxers, baby boy hat, socks, baby boy sleeper, boy shirt, boy hoodie, pillow sham, futon cover, shirt, and bra on 11.3.11

 Antionette Bruner received 4-shirts, 1-hand bag, 2-pajamas on 11.3.11
 Charles Ellison received 5-shirts, and 1-pair of pants on 11.3.11
 Terrie Archer received food, shoes, boy jacket, shirts, boys pjs, boy shirts, girl jeans, girl sweaters, girl pjs, girl pants, girl hoodie, books, sweaters, shirts, 4-bras, 1-vase, 2-scarfs, 1-box, 2-socks, 1-knife on 11.2.11
 Precious Archer received bras, pants, blouse, teddy bear, flip flops, personal care products 11.2.11
 Candace Garrett received 3-sweaters, 6-pair of pants, 5-shirts, 1-jacket on 11.3.11
 Kelly Pettis received 1-shaw, 6-shirts, 5-pants, and 1-hoodie on 11.3.11
 Thomasena Allen received 3-shirts, 1-jacket, 1-sweater on 11.3.11
 Ashley Troutman received 1-onesies, 3-baby boy shirts, 1-baby boy pants, 3-baby boy outfits on 11.3.11
 Jessica Clark received 1-baby girl, 1-baby girl pants, 2-bib, 1-baby hat, 2- sweater, 1-boy shirt, 1-shirt, 1-robe, 3-girl shirts, 2- girl jacket on 11.3.11
 Patricia Ussrey received food, make-up, brushes, 1-shirt, 1-sweat shirt, 1-boy hoodie, 1-pj bottom, 2-shirts, 1- pair of shoes on 11.3.11
 Angela Aunquoe received shoes, socks, gloves, hat, 7-pants, 9-shirts, 1-hoodie, scarf, 1-dog collar, curtains, changing table cover, 1-under garment, 1-tin, 2-male jacket, 5-male shirts, 9-male pants on 11.3.11
 Christian Merritt received 3-pants, and 2- shirts on 11.3.11
 Jackie Williams received 3- girl sleepers, 7-pants, 2- ladies shirts, toiletries, and eye shadow on 11.3.11
 Christina Mapp received 1- slacks, 2-hoodies, 1- sweater, 1- shirt, 1-bag, 2-boy pjs, 1- boy hoodie, 2- boy shirt, 2- boy jackets, 4- lady pants, 1- girl hoodie, 2- girl shirts, and 2- girl pjs on 11.4.11
 Luquetta Goudeau received 7- men sweaters, 4- men pants, set of 4 dishes, 1- pair of male shoes, 1-skirt, 6- lady shirts, 3- lady pjs, 1- pair of boots on 11.7.11
 Veola Crittendon received 7- babygirl pants, 1-babygirl hoodie, 1-babygirl hoodie, 1-babyboy hoodie, 1-babyboy onesie, sleepers, 2-babyboy shirts, 3-babyboy pants, 2- girl hoodies, 2-girl shirts, 1-pair of socks, 1-girl pants on 11.7.11
 Patricia Gardner received 1- girl jacket, pants, dresses, girl pjs, 2-boy shirts, 1-girl shirt, 1- boy hoodie on 11.7.11
 Delisha Gardner received 13-boy shirts, 1-boy hoodie, 3- belts, 2-boy jackets, 1-purse, curtains, 1- vaccum cleaner, 2- boy pants on 11.7.11
 Ceola Gardner received pants, and shoes on 11.7.11
 Dashell Robinson boy hoodies, jacket, shirts, slippers, food, ladies sweaters, hoodie, shirt, fleece, robe, and pants. Girl vest, coat and sweater, She also received socks, hats, honey dipper, jewelry box, belt, slacks, candles with candle holders, stickers, Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and books on 11.7.11
 Veronnica Rodriquez received babygirl pants, shirt, outfit, hoodie, boy jacket, lady jacket, babygirl shoes on 11.7.11
 Wyleah Cubit received Shoes, girl pants, dress, shirts, coat, under garments, boy shirts, male pnats, ladys pants, slacks, and sweater on 11.7.11
 Shay Smith received 3- girl pants, 2-babygirl outfits, 5-babygirl sleepers, 4-girl shirts, 3-girl dresses, 1-babygirl hoodie, 1-pair of babygirl shoes, 1-babygirl snowsuit, 4-boy shirts, 1-boy pants on 11.7.11
 Melissa Greene received babygirl snowsuit, hoodie, sweater, outfit, sleepr, shirts, pants, onesies, bib, towel, toys, and books on 11.7.11
 Eida Sampson received baby food, babygirl hoodie, girl hoodie, dress, sleeper, pants, and shirt on 11.8.11
 Luz Huerta received 3-pair of shoes, 3-men shirts, 1-men pants, 1-ladys jeans, 1-boy shirt, 1-boy vest, 2-boy pants, 1-lady pants, 1-lady skirt, 1-Christmas tablecloth, 2-mugs, 1-stocking, and 1-boy shoes on 11.8.11
 Sussy Bolanos received 1-lady suit, 10- girl shirts, 1-girl sweater, 1-girl coat, 2-girl hoodies, 1-ladys shirt, 6-ladys sweaters, 3-ladys jacket, books, 1-sweater shirt on 11.7.11
 Latisha Richmond 1-boy pants, 2-girl shirts, 2-boy vests, 2-boy shirts, 1-boy coat, 4-boy sleepers, 1-babygirl sleeper, 1-boy sleeper, placemats and napkin set, 1-babygirl shoes, 1-picture frame, 1-hat, ladys pants, 3-hand towels, 4-lady shirts, 1-lady jacket on 11.8.11
 Choyah Durham received 2-lady suits, 2-suit jackets, 1-sweater, 1-coat, placemats and napkins on 11.8.11
 Catherine Izzard received 1-Christmas mug, 1-boy shirt, 1-girl shirt, 4-pillow cases, 1-sheet on 11.8.11
 Mia Marzett received food, 1-girl hoodie, 2-girl shirts, 1-girl skirt, 1-girl purse, 1-under garment, 2-sweaters, 1-ladys pants, 1-lady shirt on 11.8.11
 Tashyla England received 3-shirts, shoes, detergent, onesies, 1-babyboy shirt, 3-babyboy vest. 1-babyboy overalls, 2-babyboy pants, 1-babyboy diaper bag, 12- diapers, 1-lady coat, 1- lady sweater on 11.10.11
 Kim Bernier received 1-bible, 1-detergent, 12-diapers, 3-boy shirts, 2-boy jeans, 1-boy jacket, 1-girl jacket, 2-girl shirts, 2-girl pants, 1-girl hoodie, 1-lady sweatshirt, 4- lady shirts, 1-lady coat on 11.10.11
 Valerie Mesa received Christmas Ornaments, 3-stockings, 1-boy shirt, 1-male shirt, 3-girl shirts, Christmas tablecloth, 1-toy, 13-girl shirts, 2-oven mitts, 3-girl pants, 1-girl hoodie, 1-girl dress, 1-male jacket, 6-boy shirts, 1-boy pants, 4-binders on 11.10.11
 Shana Kennedy received 6-boy sleepers, 12- diapers, 1-detergent, food, 2-boy shoes, 2-girl coats, 1-boy coat, 3-boy shirts, 1-boy pants, 2-lady pants, 1-belt, 1-lady shirt, towel, 2-boy pants on 11.10.11
 Tanya Davis received food, detergent, 2-under garments, 2-lady jeans, 1-purse, 4-boy shirts, 1-boy jacket, 1-lady dress, 1-lady shirt, 1-stuffed animal, candles, 4-books, and wrapping paper on 11.10.11
 Vanessa Brown received 5-pants, 5-boy shirts, 1-detergent, 5- lady sweaters, 1-lady coat, 1- lady pants on 11.10.11
 Portia Love received cough drops, detergent, sleep mask, 2-Snow men, Christimas Throw, 2-Bibles, 1-Photo Album, 5-Sweaters, 2-Lady shirts, 2-Lady Shirts, and food on 11.10.11
 Brandi Mathis received food, 3-candles, 1-santa hat, 1-robe, 1-purse, 3-Ladies sweater, 1-lady dress, 1-lady pant, and lady gloves on 11.10.11  
 Adeyemi Loyce received food 1-lady pant, 1 lady jacket suit, 1-lady sweater, 1-lady blouse, lady formal jacket, toy, 1 hood for coat on 11.10.11
 Rasul Dawud received food, detergent, 3-men shirts on 11.10.11
 Quakkneesha White received food, detergent, 3-toddler girl shirts, 1 girl jeans, 1-lady sweater, 1 lady vest, 1-holiday shirt, 1- decorative bag, 1- holiday christmas tag, christmas gift wrap, 2- candles, 2- baby monitor on 11.10.11
 Yolanda Russell received food, detergent, 2-lady sweaters, 1-girl shoes, lotion, candleholder on 11.10.11 
 Beatriz Heredia received on food, detergent, socks, 3-lady shirts, 3-lady jacket, 1-lady pants, 1-girl shoes, 1-lady sweater, 3-hand towels, 1-baby sheet, 1-baby pants, 3-pair of jeans, 1-boy jeans, ribbon on 11.10.11 
 Maria Rios received on food, detergent, 1-diaper bag, hat, 2-lady shirts, 1-boy shoes, 2-men shirts, 1-bag, 1-headband, 3-boy pants, 4-boy shirts, 2-lady sweaters, 1-santa, placemats, napkins, 1-lady shoes, 1-boy pj's, 1-men jeans on 11.10.11
 Irma Cano received on food, detergent, 6-lady shirts, 4-boy shirts, boy jacket, christmas plate, 2-bracelets on 11.13.11
 Angela Camacho received detergent, 2-girl pants, blocks, stackable rings, toy, socks, hair straightner, 1-lady shoes, puzzle book, 1-lady sweater, 4- lady shirts, 3-lady pants, 1-lady hoodie, and 1 lady skirt on 11.14.11
 Lisa Benham received food, detergent on 11.14.11
 Krystal Lehman received food, detergent, 2-books, 1-boy pj's, 2-boy shirt, 1-boy pants, diaper bags on 11.14.11
 Deborah Bullard received food, detergent, 3-girl shirts, 1-girl coat, 1-boy pants, 1-boy shirt, pillow shams, 1-sheet, and 1-lady sweater on 11.14.11
 Lila Benhimida received 4-lady jackets, 1-lady boots, 1-girl dress, 1-girl sweater, 4-pants, socks, earrings, and gloves on 11.14.11
 Geraldine Goff received food, 1-lady pants, 2-undergarments, 6-lady shirt, 2-boy shirt, 2-men jeans, lady pant suit, lady jacket, lady vest, and flowers on 11.14.11
 Pamela Walters received food, detergent, 1 lady coat, 2 lady dresses,2-men sweaters, 2 lady sweaters, 1-men shirt, placemats, napkins, belt, and 2-christmas plates on 11.14.11
 Michele Gorman visited the behthel foundation on 11.14.11
 Teresa Pascual received food, detergent, 4-lady shirts, 1-lady hoodie, 2-pair of lady shoes on 11.14.11
 Rosa Ruvalcaba received food, detergent, boys jacket, and lady sweater on 11.14.11
 Joyce Smith received food, detergent, 2-lady pants, 2-lady shirts, 1- lady skirt, 1 pair of lady shoes, 2-books, cards, and a lunch bucket on 11.14.11
 Nicole Heath received food, detergent, cough drops, carpet cleaner, carpet fresh, 3-girls undergarments, hooded towel, pilliow shams, girls headband, girls hoodie, 2-girls sleeper, and girls onepiece outfit on 11.14.11
 Deborah Rhodes received food, detergent, 8-ladies shirts, 1-ladies vest, 1-pair of ladies shoes on 11.14.11
 Cristina Flores received food, detergent, cough drops, 3-ladies shirts, 3-ladies sweaters, and 1-ladies hat on 11.14.11
 Bernita Spinner received food, detergent, cough drops, 3-baby girl shirts, 3-baby girl pants, baby girl pj's, 3-ladies pants, 2-ladies sweaters, 2-mugs, 1-pair of ladies shoes, purse, and books on 11.14.11
 Luz Maria Guerrero received food, detergent, ladies hat, bottles, pet fresh, and diapers on 11.14.11
 Paula Easterling received food, detergent, cough drops, diaper bag, 2-baby girl pants, 1-baby girl sleeper, 1-baby girl shirt, 1-baby girl dress, and fabric wash on 11.14.11
 Tammy Anderson received food, detergent, cough drops, planter, twin sheet, 2-belts, photo album, 2-ladies jeans, 3-ladies sweaters, 2-ladies pants, 1-ladies shirt, 1-ladies pant suit, 1-ladies dress, 3-mens jackets on 11.14.11
 Elizabeth Anderson received food, detergent, throw rugs, 6-boy shorts, 5-girl dresses, 5-girl pants, ladies coat, girl sweater, ladies pants, girl 2 piece set, boy pants, ladies jacket, ladies slippers, girl socks, girl tights, ladies wallet, telephone, picture frame, 2-candles, ladies shoes, ribbons, headband, and earrings on 11.14.11
 Christine Williams received food, detergent, cough drops, 2-books, mens pants, 3-mens shirts, 2-undergarments, ladies shirt, ladies formal, and ladies pants 11.14.11
 Sherri Spears received food, detergent, shampoo, cough drops, 2-pair of ladies shoes, ladies formal dress, 3-ladies pants, ladies skirt, 3-girl pants, ladies sweater set, girl shirt, name tags, hair spritz, whisk, booties, picture frames, christmas tree string, christmas gift boxes on 11.15.11
 Brandace Spears received food, detergent, 5 dozen of diapers, body spray, 2-pair of ladies shoes, 3-girl shorts, 3-girl shirts, 2-ladies undergarment, 3-pair of boy socks, ladies skirt, and ladies blouse on 11.15.11
Norma Martinez received food, detergent, 3-pair of girl tights, coin purse, 2-ladies shirts, mens pants, mens jacket, mens shirt, ladies shoes, 2-candlesticks, and ladies jacket on 11.15.11
 Sara Cervantes received food, detergent, cough drops, 5 baby boy outfits, 3-boy pants, 3-girl shirts, 3-girl pants, and washcloth on 11.15.11
 Heather Dodd received food, detergent, cough drops, 3-boy shirts, 10 books, and sweater on 11.15.11
 Elaina Martinez received food, detergent, cough drops, diaper bag, 2-baby girl sleepers, 2-baby girl skirts, 6- baby girl pants, 2-ladies pants, baby girl hat, 1-baby girl toy on 11.15.11
 Makeesha Thompson received food, detergent, cough diapers, diaper bag, 3-baby boy pants, baby boy shirt, 3-baby boy onesies, baby boy outfit, 2-baby boy sleeper, girl pants, girl shirt, and 2 books on 11.15.11
 Twyla Morrison received food, detergent, cough drops, 2-bags, 2-picture frames, and 1-ladies shirt on 11.15.11
 Tamethia Barnes received food, cough drops, 3-mens shirts, 3-mens pants, 1-girl shirt, 1-girl jacket, 2-boy sweaters, 2-toys, 3-hangers, 4-ladies undergarments, 2-mens undergarment, and pillowcases on 11.15.11
Magdelena Huerta received food, cough drops, detergent, 2- pair of ladies shoes, 1-mens coat on 11.16.11
Anita Brumley received 6-ladies shirts, and 1-ladies jacket on 11.16.11
Sasha Wooten received food, cough drops, 4-baby boy pants, 5-baby boy shirts on 11.16.11
Natalie Brown received food, cough drops, diapers, diaper bag, 2-girls pants, 1-boys shirt, 4-baby boy sleepers, 3-baby boy pants, baby boy booties, 1-pair of ladies shoes, and ladies pants on 11.16.11
Susan Hill received food, cough drops, ladies pants, 1-picture, 2-christmas tins, 4-sweaters, 1-shirt, and 7-candles on 11.16.11
Delica Hardimon received food, cough drops, 2-ladies sweaters, 1-container, 2-scarfs, 1-green hat, and toy on 11.16.11
Danielle Daniels received food, cough drops, and diapers on 11.16.11
Itzely Hurtado received food, cough drops, 2-ladies sweaters 3-boys shirts, 2-boys pants, 1-baby boy onesie, and 1-boys vest on 11.16.11
Charra Smith received food, detergent, cough drops, and ladies blouse on 11.16.11
Patricia Thompson received food on 11.17.11
Melaine Daniel received food, hygiene supplies, 2-boys shirts, 1-boys hat, 1-pair of boys shoes, 1-ladies coat and 1-candleholder on 11.17.11
Amanda Thompson received food, drapes, hygiene products, 1-ladies shirt, 3-mens shirts, ladies jeans, and dish drainer set on 11.17.11
Penny Edwards received food, personal hygiene supplies, 4-ladies shirts, 2-books, puzzle, 4-cups, vhs tape, picture frame and 4-ladies pants on 11.17.11
Serena Welch received food, detergent, personal hygiene supplies, 1-ladies sweater, 1-mens hoodie, 1-mens shirt, 1-pair of mens shoes, and 2 containers on 11.17.11
Patricia Bradley received food, 7-ladies shirts, and back brace on 11.17.11
Raeshoun Jakes received food, cough drops, 1-ladies pj set, baby girl dress with tights, 2-boys jackets, 7-boys shirts, 4-boys pants, ladies night gown, personal hygiene supplies, 1-baby girl jacket, 1-ladies jacket, 1-ladies sweater, and 1-ladies skirt on 11.17.11
Ebony Norwood received food, 3-purses, 2-girls shirts, 3-girls sweaters, 1-ladies jacket, 1-ladies sweater, 1-ladies shirt,  1-ladies shorts, 1-ladies dress 1-boys shirt, 1-boys pants and 1-ladies belt on 11.17.11
Liz Massey received food,and 6-ladies sweaters on 11.17.11
Rachael Gress received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-purses, backpack, mat 1-girls sweater, 1-girls shirt, gloves, 1-girls outfit, 1-rug, 2-cups, 1-jump rope, and reindeer antlers on 11.17.11
Elizabeth Smith received food, 1-christmas tin, 1-santa, curtains, 1-sheet set,1-snowman, 1-ladies vest, 1-ladies sweatshirt, 1-santa collectable, 1-elf hat, 1-roman shade, and 1-pillow on 11.17.11
Katherine Shipman received food, personal hygiene supplies, 4-roles of wrapping paper, baby outlet plugs, 6-girls shirts, 1-girls coat, 1-girls hoodie, 2-girls dresses, 3-girls pants, 1-girls sweater,  5-girls tights, 1-picture, 1-shelf, 1-ladies sweaters, 2-dress jackets on 11.17.11
Trinia Berryhill received food on 11.28.11
Meniece Wallace received food and diapers on 11.28.11

Norma Martinez received food, 3-jogging suits,8-mens shirts, 3-mens pants, 3-mens belts, 1-mens hoodie, 4-mens t-shirts, 1-ladies sweaters, 1-pair of mens shoes, and 2-pillows on 11.28.11


Rosa Padilla received food 4-ladies shirts, 2-ladies pants, 4-girls shirts, 1-pair of ladies flip flops, 2-king size pillow shams on 11.28.11
Danielle Berkley received food, 1-pair of mens shoes, 1-ladies coat, 1-mens hoodie on 11.28.11
Jessica Brown received food, 2-ladies sweaters, 1-ladies shirt, 1-ladies skirt, 3-boys pants, 1-boys sweater, 4-boys shirts, 1-girls dress, and 1-girls sweater on 11.28.11

Amanda Lay received food, 3- boys shirts, 1-boys pants, 2-ladies shirts, and 1-ladies pants on 11.28.11

Jessica Burgess received 1-boys pants, 1-boys jacket, 1-mens shirt, 1-mens pants, and 1-ladies shirt on 11.28.11
Jennifer Lay received 2-boys shirts, 1-ladies skirt, 2-girls shirts, 1-girls jacket, and 2-girls pants on 11.28.11
Toni Jung received food on 11.28.11
Kiamita Natt received food on 11.28.11
Milli Hicks received food, 2-ladies pants, 13-ladies shirts, 2-ladies jackets, and 2-pair of shoes on 11.28.11
Carmen Rios received food, 2-pairs of ladies shoes, 5-ladies shirts, pencils, 1-ladies pajama pants, and 1-doll on 11.28.11
Angela Misiano received food, 1-ladies blouse, 1-ladies sweater, 1-ladies pajama pants, 2-pair of ladies boots, 2-ladies pants, and 1-ladies jeans on 11.28.11
Jennifer Timmons received food, diaper bag, 2-boys shirts, 3-baby boy outfits, 2-baby girls shirts, 1-pair of baby girls shoes and 2-toys on 11.28.11
Connie Jefferson received food, baby food, 2-baby boy onesies, 2-baby boy shirts, 3-girls pants, 2-boys pants, 1-girls coat, 1-boys vest, 1-boys shirt, and 1-boys jeans on 11.28.11
Kerri Kinsey received food on 11.28.11
Latoyei Banks received food, 3-pair of ladies shoes,3-pair of girls shoes, 4-boys shirts, 3-boys pants, 1-boys hoodie, 1-ladies sweater, 2-ladies jeans, 1-ladies pajama pants, 2-books, shower caddy, coasters, 1-ladies scrub set, 1-ladies jacket and 2-ladies shirts on 11.29.11
Jeannaua Skylark received food, personal hygiene supplies, 4-mens pants, 2-mens shirts, 4-ladies pants, 1-ladies shirt, 1-book, and 1-wire basker on 11.29.11
Christina Mapp received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1-kitchen towel, 4--placemats, 2-purses, 7-ladies shirts, 1-book, 2-pillow cases, 2-hand towels, 1-ladies hoodie, and 2-ladies sweaters on 11.29.11
Nanette Newby received 2-ladies shirts, 2-ladies sweaters, 2-ladies formals, and 1-snowman decoration on 11.29.11
Sarah Newby received food, personal hygiene supplies, 10-boys shirts, 1-christmas ornaments, 1-book, and 1- snowman ornament on 11.29.11
Idella Spearman received clothes on 11.29.11
Kathy Carter received food, personal hygiene, 2-ladies jogging suits, 2-boys pants, 2-girls jogging suits, 1-boys shorts, 4-toys, an 1-pair of ladies shoes on 11.29.11

Odessa Spearman received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1-ladies pants, 2-ladies shirts,and 1-ladies jacket on 11.29.11

Natasha Washington received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1-girls sweater, 1-baby outfit, 3-girls jeans, and 1- girls outfit on 11.29-11
Kimberly Butler received food, personal hygiene supplies, 7-ladies pants, 11-ladies shirts, 1-ladies vest, 1-ladies dress, 1-ladies hoodie, 1-ladies jacket, 1-ladies sweater, 2-tablecloths,1-king size dust ruffle, 1-laundry bag and 2-lamps on 11.29.11
Christopher Scott received food, personal hygiene supplies, 3-mens shirts, 4-girls t-shirts, 2-girls jeans, 5-ladies shirts, 3-wall decorations, 4-dishes, 1-dish drainer, and 1-candle holder on 11.29.11
Christine Cobb received food, personal hygiene supplies, 3-ladies shirts, 2-boys shirts, diapers, and 2-boys sleepers on 11.29.11
Kellie Bruner received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-boys shirts, 1-boys hoodie, 1-toy, 1-ladies jeans, 4-ladies shirts, 3-flowers, and 1-pair of boys shoes on 11.29.11
LaQuinta Lewis received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1-hooded towel, 2-baby blankets, 3-ladies pants, 1-pair of boys shoes, 1-baby bottle, 2-boys pants, 2-boys pajama pants, flowers, basket and 5-baby sleepers on 11.29.11
Erin Roddy received food and personal hygiene on 11.29.11
Thurrayah Davis received food, christmas ornaments, tinsel and gift tags on 11.29.11
Latisha Richmond received food, 3-ladies shirts, 1-ladies dress, 2-pair of girls shoes, 1-girls t-shirt, 1-baby girl sleeper, 3-girls shirts, 1-girls hoodie and 1-book on 11.29.11
Charlene Gilbreath received food, diapers, plates, 1-pair girls shoes, 5-ladies pants, 1-ladies skirt, 2-girls jackets, 3-girls shirts, 1-girls dress,1-rain coat, 1-robe, 1-girls pants, and queen size comforter on 11.29.11
Wendy Smith received food, baby food, drapes, 1-ladies shirt, 1-girls dress, and 1-girls jeans on 11.29.11
Nikesha Williams received food and diapers on 11.29.11
Kristina Carbin received food, 6-ladies shirts, 3-ladies jeans, and 1-pair of ladies shoes on 11.29.11
Quinetta Foy received food, diapers, 3-baby boy sleepers, 1-doll, 1-smurf, 3-baby bibs, 3-baby hats, 1-baby boy pants, 3-stuffed animals, 1-mirror, 1-container of wrist bands,1-onesie, 1-blanket, 9-candles, 2-chinese bags and 1-scarf on 11.30.11
Anna Gonzalez received food, personal hygiene supplies, 4-baby girl sleepers, 1-baby girl shirt, 1-boys pants, 1-ladies pants, 5-books, flowers, 2-gift bags, and 4-baby boy shirts on 11.30.11
vickie Heath received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-bowls, 2-jars, 1-pillow, 2-ladies shirts, 1-ladies sweaters, 1-picture, 1-king sheet set, and 1-twin sheet set on 11.30.11
Gladys Blair received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-baby girl sweaters, 1-baby girl outfit, candles, and dishes on 11.30.11
Denise Hudson received food, personal hygiene supplies and 1-ladies shirt on 11.30.11
Nicole Heath received food, personal hygiene, 4-ladies pants, and 3-stuffed animals on 11.30.11
Phyllis Adams received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-boys shirts, 1-mens suit coat, 2-ladies shirts, and 2-stuffed animals on 11.30.11
Twyla Morrison received food, personal hygiene supplies, 2-picture frames, 2- pair of shoes, 2-bags, 4-shirts, and 1-pants on 11.30.11
Chasity Stewart received food, personal hygiene supplies, 1-ladies dress, 5-ladies shirts, 5-girls pants, 5-girls shirts, 4-toys, 2-snoballs, and ladies undergarments on 11.30.11
Jacqueline Mason received personal hygiene supplies, diapers, 1-christmas tablecloths, 1-pajama set, 1-baby shirt and 1-jeans on 11.30.11
Cassandra Elder received food and personal hygiene supplies on 11.30.11
Josephine Williamson received food and personal hygiene supplies on 11.30.11