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1st Annual Kids Rock Camp

Nancy Malone "Camp Coordinator checking in children as Ashley Edwards helps with greeting.

Girls helping founder Lynda Powell with blowing up balloons

Children gathered around Daylate The Clown as he prepared SPECIAL BALLOONS.

Princess Matteah Golden with her balloons

Niaya Palms with her balloons

Shayla Lee Grand showing off her necklace that she made at Camp

Hyatt Sweezy displaying his Artwork

Nikale Maciel writing a Thank You Note to Mom for allowing her to come to Kids Rock Camp

Displaying her Angel T-Shirt that she made at Camp

Twins Camryn & Greyson Gore making "Pet Rocks" together

Giavani McClain showing off His T-Shirt that he made

Brycin Lyons flashing his Million Dollar Smile while having fun at "Kids Rock Camp"

Making New Friends at Camp

Girls Having Fun

Pyramid Food Groups for The Children

Discussing The Value of Nutrition and making right food choices

LaDonna Dunlop a nutritionist with the OSU/OKC campus discussing the importance of Milk everyday.

Children at one of the Food Work Stations

Rotating from one station to another to learn about perparing different dishes.

Children learning how to prepare Strawberry and Banana Smoothies

Preparing Chicken Nuggets with Corn Flake Batter

Cubing Cheddar Cheese to prepare for Macroni and Cheese

Y Staff teaching kids importance of exercise.

Children having fun exercising

Getting Exercise by playing Ball

Children participating in Sports & Recreation

First Four to Finish the Course

Children having Fun in The Moonwalk

Ashley Edwards sitting with Pre-Camper taking a Juice Break

LaDonna Dunlop teaching a Nutrition Class

Children learning about Fire Safety while also learning how to prepare meals.  What to do if they need 911

Nancy Malone, Camp Coordinator and Major Otis Greenhoward with the Fire Department.

Sgt. Justin Echols with the OKC Police Dept. teaching the children about safety issues and the law.

Setting up getting ready to learn about CPR

Learning Basic CPR

Boys listening and learning about Basic CPR

Zoo Presentaton sharing about the reptitles with the children.

Patty the Bearded Dragon Lizzard was being friendly with the children.

Zoo Presenter along with Nancy Malone, Camp Coordinator and the Children at "Kids Rock Camp"

Red Cross teaching the children what to have packed up for Emergency Situations.

Nancy Malone, Coordinator for Kids Rocks Camp Receiving HUGS AND THANKS

Certificates ready to hand out for completion of Basic Nutrition at "Kids Rock Camp"

"Kids Rock Camp" back packs full of school supplies

The entire group on the last day of Camp

Herman Green from opening and closing and in between always there to help us out. THANK YOU!