Our Staff


Lynda K. Powell, was inspired to develop Bethel Foundation by her own experiences as a struggling single mother. She takes Bethel's mission of making mothers more productive citizens to heart. She helps accomplish Bethel's mission by alleviating single mothers' dependence on systems that inhibit their ability to take steps to provide a better life for their kids. The children of the women Bethel assists, have a better chance of growing up and making thier way in the world without relying on welfare. Lynda's belief, "STRONG FAMILIES MAKE A STRONG AMERICA! CHANGING LIVES, ONE MOM AT A TIME!" has shaped the way Bethel has grown.





Angela Roche
Birthday Club & Camp Coordinator

Myrna Cook
Tax Exemption Intake

Ruth Lofton
Community Center Assistant

Maria Wisner
Community Center Assistant

Becky Petree

Dana Mitchell
Administrative Assistant

Isai Lopez
Community Center Assistant

Lodus Taylor
Community Center Assistant

Joan Hast
Tax Intake Assistance

Paula Sans